Expanding the Role of the Mobile Cart in Healthcare

Healthcare is increasingly becoming more expensive for patients as well as insurance companies. Running a healthcare facility is also becoming more costly due to recent changes in legislation. Tighter regulations are being imposed on hospitals and changes are taking...

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All You Need to Know about Special Purpose Medical Carts

Medical carts are a necessity in any medical office and hospital. They provide countless benefits for patients, doctors, and nurses. Hospitals and medical offices are always busy with seemingly a million things going on at once. Medical carts increase the efficiency...

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5 Best Laptops for Doctors and Hospitals

It’s not enough to have the best hospital laptop cart; you also need the right technology to go with it. Hospitals have extra requirements for their laptops and computers to help them run smoothly and efficiently. Germicide resistance, a tougher build to withstand...

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Types of Information Systems Used in Healthcare Facilities

At Scott-Clark Medical we are committed to ensuring that your hospital mobile computer carts are functional and reliable for all your patient needs. A U.S. federal mandate stipulated that every healthcare facility with received Medicare funding must store patient...

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Overview of Carts Used in Hospitals

Modern medical carts are a staple in today’s healthcare setting. They are proven to enhance organization, efficiency, and the overall workflow of medical facilities across the country. Several versions of the mobile medical cart exist, and choosing which one works for...

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Hospital Crash Carts: Function and Types

In the 1960’s, healthcare providers realized the benefit of speedier treatment and more efficient protocols when utilizing pre-stocked medicine carts in the hospital. The crash cart was born out of the need to have supplies and medication immediately available in...

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Comprehensive Guide to HP Germicide Resistant Computers

At Scott-Clark Medical ( we are committed to ensuring that your medical laptop carts are functional and safe for patient needs. One of the areas of concern in the provision of a medical cart for laptop use is having Germicide Resistant...

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Advantages of Mobile Computer Carts with Battery

One of the most interesting features of a mobile computer cart with battery is that they provide hours of uninterrupted power for continuous working. However, this is not all they provide, and in fact, Mobile Workstation Carts that have a hot swap battery system...

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