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What Are Procedural Medical Carts?

Procedural mobile medical carts are carts arranged or customized for use by doctors and healthcare staff performing specific procedures. Anesthesia, emergency room, pediatric, and medical isolation carts fall under the acronym of a procedural medical cart. Medicine...

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Replacements for Anton Bauer Lithium Ion Medical Cart Batteries

Anton Bauer provided batteries for rolling medical carts. Recently, the company stopped producing their Lithium Ion batteries. Replacing Anton Bauer batteries in the future, however, is easy. Scott-Clark Medical can substitute their high-quality, long-lasting, lithium...

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Medical Carts for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have come to rely extensively on mobile medical carts. Fortunately, hospitals and clinics have many options to choose from when searching for medical carts for sale. Hundreds of types and sizes exist, including many different accessory options to...

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How Can a Custom-Made Medical Cart Help My Hospital?

Most hospitals, clinics and even doctor’s offices quickly find that off-the-shelf mobile medical carts require customization to make them more useful for some tasks. At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer medical carts for sale and can help tailor a cart to fit your...

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9 Features of Medical Carts that will Make Your Job Easier

When medical carts were first used to aid health care practitioners, they were little more than a metal or wooden table on wheels. The medical carts for sale today have so many more useful attributes to help make your job easier. From specialized tools to customizable...

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How to Sterilize Medical Carts

In a world where antibiotic-resistant infections are becoming more commonplace, it's important to understand how to properly sterilize medical storage carts. Hospitals, doctors' offices, and other medical facilities are a breeding ground for germs and harmful...

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4 Ways Our Medication Carts Are Made to Fit Your Needs

When it comes to medication carts, finding the right one to meet the needs of your facility and staff can be challenging. You want a cart that is easy to move and maneuver, with plenty of storage and customization options. Security, especially with sensitive...

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