New Battery Technology for Mobile Carts

Mobile medical carts have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Medical professionals no longer need to struggle with inefficient and outdated systems that hinder them from doing their jobs effectively. Healthcare staff can now use mobile powered equipment carts to...

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6 Ways Technology has Changed Healthcare for the Better

When computers were first introduced to the healthcare industry, they were only used for administrative purposes. As regulations have changed and technology has become more advanced, healthcare professionals have begun using computers for a wider range of functions....

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6 Common Uses for Computers in Healthcare

The use of an industrial mobile computer workstation has become standard practice within the healthcare industry. Gone are the days of medical practitioners struggling to decode handwritten notes. Modern electronic health records have improved the quality of patient...

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Power Solutions for Hospital Medical Carts

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. The medical industry has embraced these advances in its quest to improve patient care and make its facilities more efficient. Mobile medical carts are just one of these technological advancements....

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Keeping Medication Safe in Storage Carts

An essential feature of mobile medication storage carts for any personnel transporting or dispensing medication is their onboard security features. Rules and regulations differ according to federal, state, and local laws, although they generally dictate that any staff...

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Advantages of Computers in Medicine Today

The medical field has made some enormous strides forward over the past 20 years. An extremely high standard of patient care has been achieved, and the bar only seems to be rising. Many of these advancements have been made possible using technology. Technology has...

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6 Reasons You Need a Mobile Workstation Cart

There are many reasons to use a powered mobile workstation cart in your medical facility. The ergonomic design enables flexibility, mobility, and functionality in a compact form factor. Whether you are interested in saving space, improving staff efficiency, or...

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5 Ways Medical Carts Can Improve Your Patient Care

Medical treatment carts are one of the most significant innovations introduced into the field of medicine. These mobile workstations keep medication secure, as well as making information and other technology readily available to hospital staff. They allow staff to...

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4 Ways to Increase Hospital Efficiency

Hospitals of all sizes can benefit from an ongoing focus on honing their efficiency and streamlining the care they provide. Cutting down on ineffective, time-consuming activities and introducing new technologies to support staff members encourages not only happier,...

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