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Medical Supply Carts with Drawers: What You Need to Know

The switch from paper medication administration records (MARs) to electronic medication administration records (eMARs) is offering a greater superiority of care to patients in hospitals and long-term care facilities. The benefits of medical supply carts with drawers...

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Why Your Hospital Should Use Battery Powered Carts

Mobile medical carts are a necessity for the modern medical facility. They mobilize medical care for patients with features such as medical storage drawers and secure disposal containers, allowing care providers to prioritize a patient’s comfort and access to care....

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Workstation on Wheels: The Key to Healthcare Efficiency

It is estimated that nurses walk on average four miles per shift. While this can be beneficial for the health of the nurse, much of the time spent walking is not productive. This time away from patients is spent doing essential tasks moving between the workstations to...

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Medication and Carts: What Hospitals Need to Know

Healthcare costs continue to rise. Cost reduction, while not compromising on patient care, has become one of the main objectives of healthcare managers. Integrating technology is an effective way to reduce expenses and streamline operations, while at the same time...

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How Portable Power Systems Can Improve Workflow for Nurses

Information technology has invigorated the healthcare industry. Technology companies are constantly implementing new devices and systems to improve patient care and make the workplace more efficient for medical professionals. One such development is Portable power...

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New Battery Technology for Mobile Carts

Mobile medical carts have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Medical professionals no longer need to struggle with inefficient and outdated systems that hinder them from doing their jobs effectively. Healthcare staff can now use mobile powered equipment carts to...

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