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Medical Cart Maintenance: Medical Carts

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity for healthcare facilities to have both highly-trained staff and the required equipment to provide high levels of patient care. Within the healthcare industry, it is standard practice for hospitals and clinics...

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Point Of Care Cart with Power System for Hospitals

Medical professionals often use the term “point of care” to describe the area and time when they are with a patient. The professional may be explaining test results, visiting during their daily rounds, or providing treatment in a medical emergency. When a professional...

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Portable Computer Desks and Compact & Mobile Rolling Carts

Mobile computer carts are an essential addition to any healthcare facility. The ease of use and convenience improve workflow and patient care. Although they are portable and save space, they come with an array of features that allow healthcare professionals to remain...

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7 Benefits of Medical Computer Cart Solutions in Healthcare

As patient care becomes ever more complex, healthcare organizations are using advances in computer technology to improve on their service provisions. To this end, there has been the widespread introduction of medical computer cart solutions throughout the healthcare...

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Key Features – Rolling Point of Care Medical Computer Carts

Healthcare institutions across the country are embracing mobile medical computer carts. The benefits they bring are changing the way healthcare is provided, and there could be more to come. While the mobility of the carts are certainly a key feature, there are many...

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Mobile Standing Point of Care Medical Workstation

Manufacturers are leading the way in developing point of care medical workstations. Advances in technology are changing the way patient care is delivered in the healthcare industry, and medical computers are at the forefront. However, there are many factors to...

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Custom Medical Carts: Your Workstation on Wheels

Mobile medical carts have revolutionized medicine by significantly improving patient care and enhancing the workflow of medical facilities. Medical computer carts can be customized to suit the unique needs of your clinic or hospital. Here are some of the features and...

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5 Key Benefits of Industrial Laptop Carts on Wheels

The healthcare industry has a lot of tools to use, and one of the newest and most effective is the industrial laptop cart on wheels. Healthcare has come a long way from handwritten scripts and walls of patients’ files. In the 21st century, medical professionals have...

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Medical Computer Carts for Mobile Work in Hospitals

The health care community is undergoing an IT upheaval. New technology is making its way into every facet of the industry, benefitting both patients and medical teams. The one tool that has made itself indispensable is the mobile computer cart. These carts hold all...

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Medical Cart Batteries for Portable Medical Equipment

Mobile medical computer carts are commonplace in healthcare facilities due to their ability to provide a streamlined workflow while achieving compliance with federal healthcare mandates. When mobile carts first began to appear in the industry, there was a learning...

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