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Maximizing the Potential of a Medical Cart

Medical COW carts, specialty carts, battery carts, and other carts used in healthcare facilities all focus on one thing: improving your ability to provide excellent patient care. Cart design has come a long way from the simple mobile TV dinner trays on wheels concept...

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Should You Use Medical Crash Carts in Veterinary Care?

Medical workstations on wheels are only some of the many kinds of medical carts that can improve and streamline veterinary operations. Crash carts are among the most common type of medical cart used in veterinary settings. For emergency veterinary facilities, having a...

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An Overview of Popular Medical Carts for Healthcare

Manufacturers make medical supply or medical equipment carts for a variety of purposes. Many come pre-equipped with power and certain built-in items like special locking drawers for medicines or IV poles. You can buy a medical cart off-the-shelf or have it...

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15 Best Tips for Cleaning Medical Carts

Healthcare in America is still perceived as inefficient, of varying quality and expensive, with the per capita spend on healthcare the highest in the world. Preventable errors, and the failure to detect or prevent them, further contribute to gaps in the quality of...

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Why Hospitals Can’t Do Without COWS (Computers on Wheels)

Medical carts on wheels are a fixture in virtually all healthcare facilities and have been since at least the 1950s. Battery-powered healthcare devices and digitized patient records created a massive market in COWs or computers for hospitals. Computer use at...

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Tips for Securing Electronic Health Records

You can quickly secure a medical cart on wheels with drawers by locking the cart in a storeroom or adding locking drawers but securing electronic health records is not as easy. Hackers love to target healthcare records with sensitive personal data, including social...

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