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Medication Mistakes: Who’s at Fault?

The use of medical storage carts is more prevalent in healthcare facilities and for good reason. These workstations on wheels, enable healthcare staff to provide superior care to their patient at the point of care and can decrease the amount of dangerous and costly...

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How Do Hospitals Know Who is Using Their Medical Laptop Cart?

Medical laptop carts are needed for day-to-day tasks in medical centers like hospitals or private practices. However, doubts of security tend to rise, especially as traffic in and out of the building grows. Securing medical computer carts by knowing who has gained...

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Hospital Crash Cart Arrangement and Checklist

Having a tidy and organized medical crash cart could be the deciding factor in a life or death situation. Although the specific layout of a hospital’s emergency department crash cart may differ due to the availability of certain materials or location-specific...

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When to Repair or Purchase a New Hospital Cart

Hospital carts were designed to help doctors and nurses complete their long hospital ward rounds. Properly functioning medical carts on wheels are essential to assuring the health and safety of patients in any medical facility. In...

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A Guide to IEC 60601 Testing for Custom Medical Carts

Anyone who works in the medical field knows how vital a medication cart can be to your work. You will also know that an effective medical cart must be properly tested against official regulations to ensure it meets all the necessary standards regardless of whether it...

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Medical Crash Cart Preparedness: All You Need to Know

The medical crash cart is a vital part of the medical industry. The crash cart allows medical professionals to respond quickly to codes and is more than simply a medication cart because it contains everything that might be needed in terms of medication and equipment...

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Innovation 101 for a Hospital: Use Quality Medical Carts

When deciding to upgrade their healthcare facilities, many companies focus on the infrastructure, the large electronic equipment, and their everyday tools, but they may overlook the mobile heroes—the medical carts. Often, medical carts may be forgotten because they...

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3 Myths About Retrofitted Medical Computer Carts Debunked

When upgrading their equipment, many companies believe that the newest and shiniest medical computer carts are needed. Many myths dissuade companies from retrofitted medical carts, when, in fact, the retrofitted hospital cart is an excellent investment. Not only are...

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