Mobile medical carts are increasingly popular among the medical community, as they seek to use technology to support their skills and training. The ability to respond quickly and effectively at all times, whether during routine rounds, or in the case of an emergency make these carts a vital tool for many medical professionals.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has made many people realize how dependent we are on our medical professionals, and the tools and devices they use during their work. While staff are highly-trained professionals, if they do not have the necessary equipment to carry out their work, then they will be less effective.

This is a key benefit of our hot-swappable batteries, as they enable mobile medical carts to keep working as long as the physician or nurses need them to be operational.

Reduce Downtime

A standard mobile cart lithium-ion battery can last for approximately 2-3 hours before the user will need to recharge or replace the battery. Recharging could take 5-6 hours. They also have an average life span of 10-12 months, making it a relatively inefficient and expensive option.

In contrast, at Scott-Clark Medical our Jaco lithium-iron phosphate batteries typically power a cart for 8-10 hours, take a modest 2-3 hours to charge, and have a lifespan of around 5 years. The superior average duration of our batteries ensures medical staff can continue with their work, without having to think about charging batteries.

The extended life span also ensures our batteries are more environmentally-friendly than standard batteries. We’re so confident in the quality of our power blade hot-swappable batteries, that they come with a full 5-year guarantee.

What Is A Hot-Swappable Battery

Medical professionals need their carts to be working not just during their own shift, but to keep on working through the next shift when a colleague takes over. Some older batteries will either take a long time to charge, or worse, they may need the user to plug them into a wall socket. Leaving the cart charging means it will then be out of operation until enough charge is in the battery.

Using our hot-swap batteries, the medical professionals take the cart with them on their rounds. When the battery life begins to run low, the cart alerts the user with both an audible and visual alert that it is time to make a change. As our battery packs charge while on the mobile workstations, they are instantly available for the user to change them over.

How To Use The Hot-Swap System

Specialist knowledge is not required, the user can swap a charged battery for one that is running low in approximately 30 seconds.The power system does not shut down during the change-over, ensuring physicians and nurses can still deliver effective patient care if a colleague changes the battery.

By continuing to work at the point of care, rather than returning to another location to locate another cart, or to plug in the one they are using, medical professionals can deliver a high level of service. There are fewer interruptions to patient care and professionals can be more efficient.

In the event of an emergency, this could be the difference.

Final Thoughts

Computer carts are considered an essential tool in many medical facilities. However, they can only be of use when they are in operation. Power blade hot-swap batteries provide a source of cart power for longer than standard batteries, and their recharging time is considerably less.

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