Doctors and nurses spend much of their daily work shifts on their feet, moving around the healthcare facility. As of today, many healthcare institutions have adopted mobile workstations in place of traditional stationary computers. This has brought about a tremendous streamline in the workflow as well as an improvement in patient recordkeeping.

When electronic recordkeeping became a healthcare mandate in 2009, many facilities pushed hard and fast to digitize and mobilize providers’ workstations. Power supply to mobile workstations was a bit of a challenge in the beginning, but luckily today there has been great progress in this area providing desirable results.

Mobile Workstations & Carts with Power Supply

A mobile workstation or computer cart with its own individual power supply provides a great deal of flexibility to healthcare providers. A stand-alone power supply such as industrial grade battery packs eliminates the need for power cords and other various methods of retrieving power. Powered mobile workstations allow the provider to move freely about the hospital in a timely and efficient manner.

When computer carts first made their way into the healthcare scene, batteries required frequent changes and power cords were often a hazard in the workplace. Today, updated battery pack systems and power supplies allow for a streamlined workday without constantly requiring the provider’s attention be diverted to distracting tasks.

Unique Features of Powered Mobile Computer Carts

Today more than ever, healthcare institutions must increase workflow efficiencies and ensure productivity at the same time. Mobile-powered carts offer unique ways to achieve many goals at once:

  • Mobility – The mobility of powered workstations allows the provider to move about the facility as needed and always have their workstation with them.
  • Power Supply – Various power supply packages allow for the integration of medical printers, computers, and barcode printers and scanners providing a highly versatile workstation.
  • Adjustable and Ergonomic – Adjustable height features allow for a varying range of users to comfortably utilize the carts.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Walking – A mobile and battery-powered workstation eliminates time spent walking back and forth between patient and a stationary workstation. This increases productivity and reduces the risk of clerical errors

Hot-Swappable Batteries

A hot-swappable battery refers to a battery device that can be removed and replaced from computers without having to disconnect from the power supply. This feature allows for the provision of uninterrupted service from the healthcare provider to patient. This minimizes downtimes and interruptions and streamlines workflow. Mobile computer carts can be integrated with hot-swappable batteries which make them all the more efficient.

Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology

Scott-Clark Medical innovated Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology to address many of the concerns with older batteries involved with powered mobile computer carts. Older battery models would either have to be powered off while charging or removed from the workstation completely.

This updated technology allows for the hot-swap of drained batteries with fully charged ones. Most of our workstations come equipped with two battery ports so that the workstation can remain on and in use while the other batteries are charging.

Customizable Carts

At Scott-Clark Medical, we understand that needs vary based upon each individual healthcare facility. We are proud to offer customized powered mobile carts and workstations to match specifications set out by your institution. Whether it be printers, vital sign devices, or barcode scanners, we are prepared to offer and include a wide range of features.

Final Thoughts

Thanks in part to federal legislation, healthcare providers and computer technologies have combined forces to streamline provider workflow. As the industry continues to expand and evolve, so too does the need for reliable power supply. Contact us today for a customized quote for your facility’s needs.


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