Hot Swappable Battery

Some hospitals have been struggling to keep up with the increased need for computers for electronic patient records in recent years. There has also been a push to reduce medical errors by increasing the amount of oversight that goes into medicating and treating patients. Using portable computers, nurses and physicians can instantly update patient information and ensure they are only giving the exact medication prescribed.

However, many portable computer carts use a lot of battery power, especially if they have multiple monitors. Many basic computer carts need to be plugged into wall outlets.

Hot swappable batteries are essential to maintaining your hospital or clinic’s smooth and efficient operation. Their key benefits are their mobility, decreased downtime, and simple troubleshooting. These benefits have a ripple effect on overall staff efficiency and morale over time.

Fewer Interruptions

Hot swap batteries allow you to insert a new battery and remove the old one without interrupting power to the onboard computer. This makes it possible to obtain a fresh battery without having to shut down the computer and accessories first.

Having to shut down a medical cart in the middle of a patient visit can be a huge hassle. It’s also potentially life-threatening if staff members are monitoring a patient whose condition is serious. Even during normal day-to-day operations at a clinic, your patients and colleagues need the most efficient equipment possible.

Another critical benefit of modern battery systems is that they have better battery life. Scott-Clark Medical’s hot swappable lithium-ion batteries last up to 10 hours, making them ideal for a full shift. Staff can work more efficiently and provide consistent patient care since they will rarely have to leave mid-shift to go replace the battery.

Greater Mobility

Battery-powered medical computers are convenient for managing patient data on the go. They can be placed anywhere in a room, even if there’s no outlet immediately nearby. This is especially helpful in older medical facilities with smaller rooms that require careful maneuvering and positioning.

Modern lithium-ion batteries are lighter than older lead-acid batteries. This makes it even easier to move carts around wherever you need them and for staff to install fresh batteries without strain.

Laptop Cart with Battery

Easy Troubleshooting

Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) from Scott-Clark Medical is specially designed to make removal, installation and troubleshooting as easy as possible. This special hot-swappable battery system includes a clear and detailed screen showing the battery’s power level and overall status.

Our lithium-ion batteries are easy to insert and remove. If a battery is improperly inserted, staff can tell by looking at the clear indicator lights and the display screen. There’s also a small yellow indicator light that turns on when the battery is low. There’s almost no learning curve when using our systems because we designed them with medical staff in mind.

We also offer a 5-year warranty program on our hot swap batteries. This means you can have peace of mind when investing in our power supply systems. We take pride in our point of care solutions and strive to help your healthcare facility perform at its best.

The Leader in Hot Swappable Batteries

Scott-Clark Medical has worked hard to create a line of customizable mobile computers. Since computers on wheels are essential to modern medical care, you need to make sure your team’s fleet of computer carts is meeting their needs.

Once plugged into a charger, our batteries are fully charged within 2.5 hours. It’s possible to run computer systems, scanners, lockable medication cabinets, and other hardware off of the same battery.

We have a selection of buckets, trays, monitor mounts, and other accessories that can be mounted on your cart as well. Contact us today at (512) 756-7300 to learn more about how you can customize your carts. With a fleet of mobile computers from us, you’ll be able to meet the challenging demands of patient care.

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