Laptop Computer Cart

Industrial and medical facilities are fast-paced environments with a constant need for flexibility. Some job duties may require you to be in a physical space far from your desk, and bringing your electronics with you can be a hassle.

Laptop computer carts are the ideal way to let staff members stay mobile. Instead of having to find a conveniently-located desk to sit at, you can bring the desk and other essentials with you while you work.

Laptop carts are much more than just a desk, though. You can experience greater benefits if you invest in a customized laptop computer cart with the exact peripherals and accessories your team needs.

Moving More Equipment

Juggling a laptop, handheld scanner, label printer, and other peripheral necessities can be challenging and reduce productivity. A cart helps you move and store equipment speedily and can even help keep you from misplacing items later.

You can also include an external keyboard and mouse on a computer cart. If you occasionally need additional screen space, you can get a computer cart with a secure monitor mount.

Better Ergonomics

Portable electronic devices struggle with ergonomics due to their smaller size. In an attempt to make them as portable as possible, these units usually have to sacrifice keyboard or screen size, which can result in shoulder and neck pain.

Instead of carrying a tablet around or trying to use a laptop on a low desk or table, use a laptop stand that’s designed for long-term use. Adjustable height laptop stands are perfect for sitting or standing use and can be adjusted to accommodate the user’s height. You can further improve ergonomics with an additional monitor stand that keeps a screen at eye level.

Laptop Computer Cart Battery

Mobile Power Source

One of the most valuable assets on a laptop computer cart is having a built-in battery. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are at the cutting edge of portable power technology and can power multiple accessories like barcode scanners and printers. A built-in battery can even power electronic locking cabinets for medications or valuable equipment.

Hot-swappable battery systems allow you to replace a battery with low power without shutting down the electronics on the cart. This is potentially lifesaving in medical environments, but can also significantly impact warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings where time is of the essence.

Laptop Computer Carts from Scott-Clark Medical

Scott-Clark Medical provides highly customizable carts for medical and industrial facilities. Our computer carts, lockable drawer carts, point of care carts, and custom carts are made of high-quality materials for strength and durability.

We have developed specialized and unique battery systems to meet your needs as you carry out your work. Our products are covered by warranties of up to five years, so you can rest assured that we back our work with a promise of quality. Contact us at (512) 756-7300 so we can walk you through our carts’ expert design and the ordering process.

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