When investing in a high-quality medical laptop cart, it’s challenging to decide between the many available configurations and additional accessories. You may need to consult with a custom mobile cart manufacturer to help you find the most suitable model for each hospital department.

However, several essential features can bring enormous benefits for staff and patients.

Medical Laptop Carts

Medical Cart Storage Areas

A mobile medical cart enables staff to take a considerable amount of equipment with them on their rounds. Because physicians and nurses have all the devices and materials they need to treat patients, they do not need to make unnecessary journeys to collect supplies or medications.

Before you purchase a mobile workstation, ask the manufacturer what storage containers are available and if you can add more in the future. Adding baskets to the outside of the unit provides medical professionals with quick access to materials they use frequently, such as PPE.

For more sensitive items such as medicines and sharps, you can add biometric locking drawers. These intelligent systems use proximity scanners to detect when an authorized staff member with the properly encoded key card is within a preset distance. This feature ensures only trained staff can access potentially dangerous items.

Hazardous material containers are essential when working with patients. Staff can store used gloves, masks, and gowns in secure vessels that reduce contamination risk. You can also utilize sharps containers that can hold used needles until the medic can dispose of them at the end of their shift.

Laptop Screen Space

One laptop screen suffices to provide the relevant information for a medical team to perform their duties. However, if multiple staff treat a patient simultaneously, you may prefer a mobile cart to accommodate two computer screens.

Having the correct and most up-to-date information is vital in patient care. By displaying the data in a patient’s file to as many people as possible, colleagues can work together to achieve a more favorable patient outcome.

Height-Adjustment Functionality

Including a height-adjustment feature can be beneficial for physicians and their patients. If staff can raise and lower the computer screen, they can move it to the patient’s eye level.

This feature can help physicians build a stronger relationship with their patients, conversing with them at the same height. Patients like to be involved in their treatment plans, and the ability to go through the notes together makes the session feel more like a conversation, and is linked to better patient health outcomes.

Building a strong bond is essential. If patients don’t have full trust in their physician, they may be more resistant to following recommendations.

A height-adjustable laptop table is useful for staff who spend long hours working on their feet. They can move the tabletop to the most appropriate height for their frame, making it easier to type their notes after attending the point of care.

Cart features make it easier for physicians and nurses to perform their duties, and this functionality can keep them more comfortable during working hours.

Peripheral Accessories

There are almost unlimited options for configuring your mobile medical cart using a wide range of accessories. Nurses frequently must assess a patient’s current condition, and they can use vital signs monitoring equipment on the cart. The addition of an IV pole enables staff to administer fluids or medications without the need to retrieve a pole from an equipment room.

When attending to a patient, medical professionals can use a wristband scanner to ensure they are with the correct patient and that the right notes are on the screen. Electronic signature pads are useful for recording that a patient has provided consent to receiving treatment.

Mobile Medical Laptop Carts

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Sourcing a medical laptop cart can be a complicated process, and working with a custom cart manufacturer is an excellent way to ensure you get the unit that is best for your facility. Because they represent a significant investment in your patients’ care, you also want to know your cart is future-proof and won’t go obsolete in a short period.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we have been serving the healthcare industry for decades. We can customize your mobile medical cart to your specifications, and all our units can upgrade to work with the latest technological advancements.

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