Refurbished Mobile Carts

Mobile Computers-on-Wheels (COW) solutions such as laptop carts are an essential tool for healthcare organizations. However, purchasing or replacing an entire fleet of high-quality COWs can be a cost-prohibitive proposition.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Refurbished computer carts. Learn how refurbished mobile computer carts can help you acquire the equipment you need for a fraction of the price and dispel some common myths about refurbished products.

Refurbished computer carts

What Refurbished Doesn’t Mean

Many people falsely believe that refurbished is a synonym for used, with all the typical stigmas of used items, including poor quality, worn-out, damaged, or discarded units.

In reality, although a refurbished product is certainly not new and straight from the assembly line, it is also not a used product.

Most refurbished mobile computer carts come from two avenues: previously-owned products that have served in a point-of-care facility or returned items (RMA) due to a minor defect.

In both cases, the manufacturer has examined and tested the cart, replaced worn or broken parts, and fixed any defects or issues their technicians could find. Once this process is complete, the item is now certified refurbished and ready for resale.

Why Going Refurbished May Be Advantageous For You

Studies show that consumers in other fields readily purchase remanufactured products to obtain high-quality equipment at reduced prices. Your facility can also take advantage of the benefits of refurbished products.

Many new products possess features and innovation attempts that don’t yet have field-testing. A refurbished older computer cart gives you the assurance that it has seen use in a point-of-care facility and seen real-world use, using proven technology.

There is a good chance that your refurbished cart has seen little use and is functionally equivalent to a new product.

Remember, low price does not always equal low quality. Refurbished carts may cost less than half that of a new one, making it a worthwhile proposition for businesses with a tight budget.

Even if your cart has seen use in the past, it does not necessarily mean you should expect a reduced lifespan. As a certified refurbished product, qualified technicians removed any worn or damaged parts before the unit became available for sale again.

Although many refurbished models are older, you need not worry about modularity and customization, as most previous-generation cart models are just as adaptable as today’s products.

If you’re concerned about warranties, know that reputable manufacturers should always offer a warranty for all of their new and refurbished products.

If you find a retailer or manufacturer that does not offer one for their range of refurbished computer carts, be careful; they may not be willing to stand behind their work.

The Take-home Message

Scott-Clark Medical offers a wide range of mobile computer carts for healthcare facilities, as well as a retrofitting and refurbishment service for your existing fleet.

Our team of highly-qualified technicians can help you upgrade or refurbish your fleet of COWs, eliminating the need for costly replacements and keeping your facility equipped with the high-quality equipment you need.

We understand that sending us your computer carts can disrupt your operations and caregiving capabilities. For this reason, we also offer on-site refurbishment and upgrade services, minimizing service interruptions and maintaining your high level of patient care.

Call our customer service at (512) 756-7300 for assistance or to request a quote.

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