In healthcare facilities, reliable computers and peripheral devices are integral to providing high-level patient care. With most medical facilities relying heavily on computerized systems and tools, it is vital to power your electronic medical devices and computers with a reliable, versatile, and long-lasting power source. 

In most medical settings, hot-swap battery systems are ideal for medical computer cart power generation. Discover the advantages of using hot-swap batteries to power your medical computers and learn how they can improve your facility’s level of patient care.

Reduced Downtimes

Using hot-swappable batteries for your medical computer systems means reduced downtime compared to other power systems. With hot-swappable batteries, staff do not need to disrupt treatment or care protocols to shut down the entire computer system and switch or charge the battery. 

Instead, staff can simply swap battery packs without powering down connected devices. Over time, this increase in efficiency allows providers to see more patients in less time, maintaining productivity throughout the entirety of their shift.

No Loss of Power

With traditional battery systems, the computer and any peripheral devices need to be powered down to perform a complete power module exchange. Hot-swappable batteries remedy this issue by continuously providing a charge, even while the battery is being changed. 

To do this, hot-swap batteries contain two sets of contacts, one for power and one for data. When a hot-swap battery is connected, the data contacts connect the battery and the device before the power contacts provide energy. 

When the battery is being swapped out, the power contacts are disengaged before the data contacts, allowing powered devices to remain on during the swap. This prevents data from being lost. 

Improved Mobility and Maneuverability

Since hot-swappable batteries do not need to be plugged into a power source, they can provide consistent and reliable power on the go. This increased mobility and maneuverability allow healthcare staff to provide care without access to outlets. 

Hot-swappable batteries are also considerably lighter than many other power supplies. By reducing the computer cart weight, productivity can improve facility-wide. Healthcare workers feel less fatigued since they exert less effort to move their carts. Lightweight batteries can also reduce the risk of overuse injuries, back pain, and other exertion-related illnesses. 

Continued Operation During Power Outages

Many locations, like hospitals, often have backup generators that provide power during an outage or other emergency. However, power outages can disrupt patient care in other settings, such as small clinics and remote hospitals. If a power outage occurs and you rely on non-battery power or a single battery, you may be without your electronic tools and devices. 

Since hot-swappable batteries have a reserve battery on standby, you can provide the same level of care during an outage as you do during regular operation. This is crucial for facilities that handle life-threatening illnesses or injuries, where even a small delay in treatment can drastically alter the patient’s medical outcome. 

Peripheral Power

In many medical facilities, healthcare workers rely on several devices in addition to their computer workstations. Printers, barcode scanners, and electronically-locking medicine drawers are commonly included in computer workstations, and each requires a power source. 

These peripheral devices can drain the battery quickly in carts with conventional power sources. Or they may require individual battery packs to operate, dramatically increasing the cart’s weight. 

Li-ion hot-swappable batteries are capable of powering several pieces of connected equipment simultaneously. You can power all your devices with one reliable power source by switching to a hot-swappable battery system. 

Hot-Swappable Batteries at Scott-Clark Medical

Hot-swappable batteries are the best option for most applications within the medical community. By providing a single reliable, lightweight power source, healthcare facilities will see a significant increase in productivity, a decrease in technological issues, and a happier workforce. 

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