Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Once upon a time, healthcare facilities kept records on paper charts, there was very little electronic recordkeeping. These days there is very little that isn’t electronic. Electronic records have their advantages. They increase patient confidentiality, uniformity of records, require less man-power to manage and result in fewer errors due to illegible penmanship.

Mobile carts go hand-in-hand with technology allowing doctors and nurses to provide more medical services bedside without having to transport the patient. Making the best use of medical mobile carts is a great way to take patient care to the next level. Here are three ways healthcare facilities can make the best use of medical carts.

Mobile Carts

Additional Batteries

Most mobile medical carts will have at least one piece of equipment which requires power to function. Since medical carts are mobile, the cart is equipped with battery packs.

This can cause a problem, as battery packs must be recharged every so often, which means a mobile cart potentially could run out of battery life in the middle of caring for a patient. This not only creates an inconvenience for the patient but reduces the efficiency of the facility.

There is a solution to this problematic issue. Swappable batteries are available for mobile carts which allow the user to swap batteries without ever turning off the device, thereby creating less disruption to the workflow. Facilities making use of medical carts will find swappable batteries are a worthy investment to making the most of the medical carts.

Medical Supplies at the Healthcare Provider’s Fingertips

Arranging carts for specific purposes, such as laboratory equipment and instrument carts or suture carts can expedite patient care, making for a better experience for both the patient and the provider.

Instead of each provider having a cart, carts should instead be organized for specific purposes. A registration cart has no need for medical supplies just as laboratory and instrument carts do not have a need for registration equipment. Designating each cart for a specific function is the best way to make the most out of medical carts.

Accessing Patient Records

Most patient records are kept electronically these days, which is a convenience in itself. Healthcare facilities can take it one step further and utilize mobile carts to access patient information.

The ability to access patient records via a computer on a mobile cart reduces the time spent looking for records. It also allows patients to make appointments without having to travel to different area of the facility. Utilizing medical mobile carts for registration purposes makes for a better patient experience and enables healthcare professionals to deliver a higher level of care.

mobile medical carts

Calling in Prescriptions

Mobile carts are a great advantage when it comes to sending in prescriptions. With the use of mobile carts, prescriptions can be called into the desired pharmacy without ever leaving the patient’s side.

Instead of the doctor calling in prescriptions after the patient has left, with the use of carts, prescriptions can be called in and, in most circumstances, reduces the amount of time the patient must wait for medications to be filled. Providing medical carts with this capability means healthcare providers do not have to waste time traveling back and forth between an office and patients, allowing more patients to be seen per day.

Elevating Patient Care and Staff Morale

Medical carts when taken full advantage of, are a great way to increase patient care and comfort. There are numerous options and can be used for anything from registration to anesthesia procedures. A staff who has the proper equipment to perform their job efficiently will have higher job satisfaction and thus better bedside manner, creating yet again a better experience for patients.

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