The healthcare industry is still going through strong and gradual tech innovation throughout 2019. This year’s new and innovative IT trends range from medical computer carts to digital twins.

medical computer carts

These digital trends in healthcare will provide patients with more streamlined care, effectively saving them money all while resulting in better care and quicker results.

1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine has emerged as one of the largest digital health trends this year as the desire for remote medical care continues to rise.

Depending on your location, specialists may not be in your immediate area. Telemedicine allows patients to connect with the specialist from their home with their computer, allowing them to receive more information from their doctor. This could save them travel costs and avoid taking time off from work or other family obligations.

However, it is important to note this care option would only be suitable for minor non-life-threatening medical conditions. If a patient is in immediate danger due to a health-related issue, they need to go to the closest emergency room immediately.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another digital trend that could significantly reduce costs and time spent waiting for results.

Before, it would take days to weeks to get results and scans back from a lab. With Artificial Intelligence, however, the results of full body scans and other procedures can be presented immediately.

AI can analyze and provide results relating to a full-body scan in just 1.2 seconds, or, up to 150 times faster than human radiologist specialist.

AI technologies can also help with determining the most effective pharmaceutical compositions to allow faster trials than before.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain, while still under development, has the potential to automatically transfer patient’s medical information between doctors and specialists when you need it. Introducing Blockchain could also provide more security for patient files, as nothing can be intercepted by means of paper mail, scans in an email, or faxes.

4. AR and VR

For the past few years, AR has been well known in the medical community for helping future doctors learn about the human body and how to perform various dangerous procedures like open heart surgery. The digital, yet extremely realistic, AR learning environment help doctors grow in confidence before actually operating on a human patient, decreasing the risk of life-threatening mistakes made by the surgeon.

Now, AR and VR are rising in popularity within the medical IT for another reason: To help Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients relive their memories. These technologies provide a great sense of joy to patients by helping them return to an experience that was previously immensely important.

5. Digital Twins

Digital twins are a new trend in the medical industry that creates a kind of bridge between the digital and physical worlds by creating exact models of the physical world.

Digital twins are currently being used in a number of different industries, including healthcare.

In healthcare specifically, digital twins provide health manufacturers with a place where they can test the probable effect of their devices in a realistic surgery environment. The feedback they collect during the virtual test could save lives.

6. Medical Computer Carts

Medical computer carts have long been a staple for medical professionals everywhere as they help increase efficiency and reduce errors during treatment. These carts act as a kind of digital medical workstation on wheels.

Medical Computer Carts

As the number of medical IT trends that are adopted into real-world medical environments rises, the need for custom medical carts has risen. Depending on the types of services you need to use daily, the standard “one-size fits all” cart that medical cart manufacturer may not be enough.

That’s why at Scott Clark Medical, we take the time to design a custom medical computer cart which perfectly complements your environment. If your hospital or practice is in need of new carts, whether it is a single unit or an entire fleet, new or retrofitted, please reach out to our team at 512-756-7300 to discuss your needs.

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