Healthcare facilities need to continually adapt to advancements in technology to provide optimal patient care. Hospitals invest vast amounts of money in their staff, and it is only logical to purchase the best tools to help them perform their duties.

Mobile hospital computer systems enable staff to perform more efficiently, treat patients more quickly, and have a better experience in their working environment. Health informatics can significantly advance how health care professionals approach their job, contributing to a leaner and more profitable medical facility.

There are several crucial ways mobile hospital computer systems are transforming the healthcare environment.

Hospital Computer Systems

Information Access for Staff

Physicians and nurses work in fast-paced and stressful environments. It can be frustrating if they spend time completing administrative tasks rather than treating patients. Mobile computer carts provide medical professionals with access to patients’ electronic health records at the point of care.

By not having to retrieve patient records from an administrative area, mobile workstations allow staff to spend more time on the ward. Nurses and doctors can also immediately add notes to the information system at the bedside.

Because the computers have Wi-Fi capability, this instantly updates the notes for every department that is involved in an individual’s care plan. Interlinked hospital information systems ensure that staff have access to real-time data, enabling them to quickly decide on the most suitable treatment plans.

Communication With Patients

Patients expect to receive as much information as possible regarding their condition and care plan. However, if medical professionals are waiting on colleagues to update files or need to go to a different department to pick up results, this can cause delays. It can also be challenging to explain complex medical information to a patient.

When using a mobile computer cart, medical personnel have all the information on the screen and can turn the unit around so the patient can view their files. Physicians can use the internet to show images and articles that could help patients understand their condition and any side effects that could occur during treatment.

There is no need for the patient to remember all the information during this stressful time. Physicians can print the information using an on-board printer, leaving the pages for patients to review later.

This improved communication level can contribute to an enhanced physician/patient relationship.

Faster Emergency Response Times

Hospital staff need instant access to information and equipment in the event of an emergency. By positioning a mobile medical cart within a ward, physicians and nurses can quickly reach the point of care and have all the necessary medical devices on their workstations.

Because there is a laptop on the cart, doctors can immediately review patient notes, allowing them to decide on the best treatment course. Nurses can use vital signs monitoring devices to check the patient’s current condition, instantly adding notes to update their files.

The ability for multiple teams to use a mobile cart simultaneously means they can act more quickly, potentially achieving a better patient outcome.

Reduced Infection Transference

Physicians and nurses go to great lengths to reduce the risk of transferring infections from patient to patient. However, this can be challenging when they need to assemble with other medical staff when collecting notes from a static hospital computer system.

By equipping a mobile workstation with a portable laptop and the materials nurses and doctors require for their shift, there is less need to interact with colleagues, lowering the risk of an infection transferring to their skin or clothing.

Mobile carts constructed of aluminum and plastic are easy to clean using disinfectant sprays and wipes. By following a set hygiene procedure, staff can improve the sanitation and hygiene of their clothing and their mobile unit before entering a ward or patient room.

Mobile Hospital Computer Systems

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