Best practices in the healthcare industry have changed in the past few decades, which places new demands on doctors and nurses. One of the strategies for improving patient engagement is to push for real-time inputting of patient records.

Point of care workstations make it easier for staff to complete their duties while maintaining access to test results, X-rays, and other information. They can also include other tools and accessories in addition to computers and monitors.

These workstations are most useful if they have wheels, a mobile power source, and a large enough work surface for staff to carry out basic tasks. Balancing these features is tricky when considering weight and cost, but Scott-Clark Medical is rising to the challenge with innovations that can change the way your facility operates.

More Accessories

Instead of merely being a cart with a computer on it, mobile workstations can now include an array of accessories. Your cart can feature single and dual monitor displays, keyboard trays, handheld scanners, tool buckets, and much more.

These peripherals make it easy to build carts to meet the specific needs of individual wards and staff members. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all cart that requires staff to lug around additional equipment, you can order a fully-customized fleet of carts.

In addition to small accessories, mobile workstations can now include electronic and manual locking cabinets. Although these are predominantly used for medication, they also work with other items that are vulnerable to theft and loss.

Better Electronics

Small tablet computers, lightweight flatscreen monitors, and other cutting-edge electronics make it easier than ever to manage patient care. You can get a wireless mouse and keyboard for your computers as well, making it even easier for your staff to manage their equipment.

The software included in onboard workstations is also improving. Cloud-based software allows healthcare facilities to keep the size of computers on each workstation to an absolute minimum. Thanks to improvements in Wi-Fi internet speeds, your staff can stay completely wireless as they work.

Mobile Workstations

Ergonomics and Mobility

In the past, mobile computing carts were heavy and difficult to maneuver. Although some of this was due to the computer’s weight, it was also due to the batteries and the cart’s overall construction.

Modern carts have improved their wheels, frame, and batteries to make them lighter and easier to maneuver than ever. Many frames use a balance of stainless steel and aluminum to keep them both strong and lightweight.

Scott-Clark Medical’s mobile carts have a handle that’s easy to push or pull depending on your mobility needs. The handle is positioned at a height to make it as comfortable as possible for all users. Our cart frames are also height-adjustable for even better ergonomics, and our multidirectional wheels turn smoothly over uneven tile floors.

Higher Battery Capacity and Flexibility

The battery life of new lithium-ion batteries is much better than the lead-acid batteries of decades past. This allows your staff to work continuously through an entire shift without worrying about swapping out a new battery.

Sometimes doctors and nurses work overtime and need a new battery. When that happens, it helps to have hot-swappable batteries that allow staff members to quickly replace a fresh battery without interrupting power to the computer. These batteries eliminate the need for staff to locate an outlet or interrupt critical patient care.

Less Troubleshooting

Your workstations need to work consistently without excessive maintenance or repairs. Your staff members also need to be able to use them without specialized training on battery use.

Our stations are built tough thanks to their clever use of stainless steel and highly durable plastics for critical components. We’ve designed our batteries with clear and straightforward screens to help you keep your systems running without hassle.

Our equipment is covered by warranties of up to 5 years. We stand by our products because we know that they are made with the highest care and will serve you well.

The Scott-Clark Team

Medical facilities’ needs evolve as research into best practices continues. Instead of relying on outdated equipment that disrupts patient care and wears down staff morale, partner with a leader in medical equipment innovation.

Scott-Clark Medical works with you to customize your carts with a combination of parts and accessories from our catalog. If you have highly specialized needs, we can build you a custom solution with high-grade materials that will last through years of heavy use.

We specialize in medication carts, computer carts, anesthesia carts, printer carts, and anything else you could need in a clinic or hospital. Contact us at (512) 756-7300 to learn more or request a quote.

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