Many healthcare facilities are modernizing their equipment with the addition of a mobile medical cart. By providing highly-trained medical personnel with the best tools for the job, hospitals and clinics can benefit from improved patient outcomes, higher staff satisfaction, and increased profitability.

However, it’s essential to select the cart that has the most suitable features for your needs. At Scott-Clark Medical, we can customize our mobile medical carts to your requirements, ensuring you gain the maximum clinical advantage from your investment.

Several key features can help you decide on the best cart for your facility before making your purchase.

Medical Cart battery

Battery Power System

Whether you need crash carts, point of care units, or mobile transfer carts, the battery system is one of the most crucial features. Older carts may only be operational for 2-3 hours before staff needs to plug them into a wall socket, removing them from the ward while they recharge.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we use our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) to keep our mobile laptop units on the ward indefinitely. One battery powers the cart while another one charges. Using our hot-swap technique, any member of your team can change the batteries over when one begins to run low.

Your team can use the cart continually, utilizing this system, allowing you to raise patient care standards.

Materials and Mobility

A mobile computer cart can improve hospital workflow, but staff may have difficulty moving the unit around the ward if it is too heavy. Scott-Clark Medical uses lightweight plastics and aluminum to ensure employees can push the cart effortlessly around the medical facility.

You can choose to equip your cart with conductive casters that prevent static electricity from gathering on the cart and potentially damaging sensitive and expensive electronic equipment.

Medical Cart Storage Space

One of the most significant advantages of a mobile medical cart is that employees can transport all the equipment they need for a shift. There is no need to return to central storage areas because they have plenty of space to keep all the essential items.

It’s essential to ensure your cart has storage baskets on the side for materials such as masks, gloves, and gowns and that there is room in the cupboards for commonly used medical devices. A secure medical supply area can accommodate more sensitive items such as sharps and medications.

You can use electronic locking drawers that only provide access to authorized personnel carrying an encoded key card. Barcode scanners can record when a physician removes a medicine, when they made the transaction, and which patient is in receipt for full transparency.

Medical Staff Comfort

Any member of your medical team can use mobile laptop carts. Because they have varying dimensions, Scott-Clark Medical provides height-adjustable units that offer a flexible ergonomic option when working on the ward.

Providing your staff with a comfortable mobile desk may reduce avoidable back, neck, and wrist injuries. Because individual patients may also benefit from seeing their files on the portable laptop screen, employees can also use this functionality to lower the screen to the bedside’s height.

Data Security

Paper files can be a significant security risk. Medical staff can carry them throughout the hospital ward, and administrative colleagues may input the information from the notes onto a computer system. It’s possible files could be left unattended and potentially be visible to hospital visitors or other unauthorized staff.

However, by using a mobile laptop cart, physicians can enter their notes at the point of care, eliminating the need for duplication. You can equip the computers with encryption and password protection software, allowing staff to lock and secure the data after they enter the information.

By protecting patient information, you comply with stringent industry regulations and demonstrate that you take data security seriously.

Medication cart

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Mobile medical carts bring a wide range of benefits to a clinical environment and represent an investment in the long term care of your patients. At Scott-Clark Medical, our team works with you to accessorize your cart to meet your individual requirements.

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