Medical facilities continuously strive to improve their efficiency, quality of equipment, and the support they offer highly-trained staff. In such busy environments, mobile-powered workstations bring numerous benefits for healthcare workers, subsequently increasing patient care levels.

Although many hospitals and clinics have established routines that are familiar to their staff and result in high patient satisfaction levels, investing in a mobile workstation helps raise your service standards to new heights.

Mobile Powered Cart

Physicians Spend More Time at Patients’ Bedsides

One of the greatest frustrations physicians encounter is not spending enough time with their patients. Whether they are collecting notes from a central administration area, waiting on test results, or for referral documentation to arrive, healthcare staff have to wait before beginning or amending a treatment plan.

These delays are also challenging for patients as they wait for a visit from their primary physician, concerned about their health and prognosis.

A mobile-powered cart significantly reduces these issues by enabling physicians to receive all the relevant information as quickly as possible without attending an administration block.

Using the Wi-Fi-enabled laptop on a mobile computer cart, staff can view a patient’s up-to-date file at the point of care. Because the notes link to a central digital recordkeeping system, as soon as another department, such as a laboratory, adds data, it appears in the patient’s notes in real-time. This feature significantly eliminates unnecessary delays while administration staff update files and reduces the risk of data entry errors.

As well as increasing physician productivity, mobile workstations can benefit patients because they may start treatment plans earlier and receive information about their healthcare in a more timely manner.

Customize Your Workstation

There are a wide variety of different wards with varying needs within a medical facility. Rather than having a one size fits all piece of equipment, you can customize state-of-the-art mobile powered carts to meet your specific requirements.

A general ward may need chart holders, vital signs devices, printers, and baskets. A cardiac ward can prioritize biometric-locking medication drawers, EKG machines, angiocaths, and defibrillators. There are almost endless configurations for your mobile powered cart, and they are also ergonomic to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

In a hectic work environment, the staff regularly engage in activities that put stress on their back and knees. Using the height-adjustable feature, they can view monitors at their average standing height or lower the screen to sit with the patient at the bedside. The retractable keyboard tray easily slides out to provide a comfortable typing position.

Customize Your Workstation

Continuous Mobile Cart Operation

Older computer cart power systems could only operate for several hours before requiring a new charge at a wall socket, rendering them inactive when a physician was still working their shift. At Scott-Clark Medical, we use a hot-swappable battery system featuring our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) to keep our workstations operating almost indefinitely.

One battery powers on the cart’s built-in charging system, while the other provides 6-10 hours of power when in use. Changing the batteries takes approximately 30 seconds, and staff can repeat this process to keep the mobile workstation on the ward 24/7 with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Convenient Storage

Adding more equipment can often reduce working space, but this is not the case with a mobile-powered workstation. It is possible to remove the monitor from the cart and use it as a wall-mounted display. While this feature saves space, it is also excellent for presentations to a large group of colleagues.

The mobile workstations have a slimline design, so even though they support considerable amounts of medical equipment, they fit neatly into storage areas. Storage can be custom-fitted to suit your facility’s needs and can include drawers, both standard and lockable, bins, and fittings for equipment.

Final Thoughts

Many clinical facilities value the increased productivity that a mobile-powered cart can help achieve, but there are also enormous benefits for patient care. By providing medical staff with the latest innovative equipment, you can improve your working environment and operate more efficiently, taking your clinic to the next patient care level.

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