Mobile workstations are an indispensable device in many medical facilities. Medical professionals report using these tools has led to increased productivity, accurate data collection, and allowing them to view the most up-to-date patient data in real-time.

Although powered mobile carts have been available for many years, the early models had poor battery life and were only available for a short time. New state of the art battery powered carts have resolved those issues, and powered mobile workstations are now capable of working 24/7.

If you’re considering purchasing a mobile computer cart, you’ll want to know how they can help to improve your medical facility.

Mobile workstations

Patient Interactions

At the heart of medical care, is the interaction between physician and patient. Mobile medical carts enable staff to bring a laptop to the point of care, where both parties can view the patient’s file, recent test results, and treatment options together.

Building a feeling of cooperation and trust, rather than a patient’s belief that the physician is dictating to them, or not sharing all the pertinent information, can improve patient outcomes. If helping to strengthen relationships between medical staff and patients is a goal, then a mobile medical cart would be an excellent investment.


Physicians are often measured by statistics showing how their treatment plans affected patient outcomes. However, for any medical facility seeking to control costs, it is also essential they allow their staff to work as efficiently as possible.

Employees who need to attend a centrally located bank of computers to view patient files, or to retrieve critical medical devices from a storeroom, are spending time away from their primary job, which is to treat patients.

By loading a mobile workstation with the medical devices they need while working their shift, employees can spend more time with their patients, helping to improve outcomes and reducing the cost of treatment. With extra savings, hospitals can invest the money back into patient care for the benefit of both their patients and staff.

Mobile Powered Cart

Replace Outdated Models

Many facilities that have already invested in mobile powered carts are finding their models are now outdated. Technology moves at a ferocious pace, and it’s essential the carts you choose adapt to new advancements. At Scott-Clark Medical, we build mobile workstations that you can retrofit with the most up-to-date technology when available.

Our Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) battery system provides power for 6-10 hours during your shift. One battery is charging while another is powering the cart as there is a mobile charging station on-board. Using the hot-swappable battery system, you can easily change a battery that is low on charge, for the freshly charged one in approximately 30 seconds.

Should you already have a mobile workstation, contact us to ask if we can take your cart from outdated to state-of-the-art with our retrofitting service.

Last Word

There are many reasons to consider mobile powered cart for your medical facility. From improving efficiency, benefiting patients through more personable interactions, or updating older models for the latest in powered cart technology, you can choose a cart that meets your aims.

Scott-Clark Medical is a pioneer and leading supplier of mobile workstations. Contact us at (512) 756-7300 to speak to one of our consultants about your mobile cart needs.

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