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Computers on Wheels (COWs), medication carts, and other medical carts are the backbone of modern hospitals and clinics. To help staff work more efficiently and save precious space in each room, most medical facilities have switched to mobile medical carts with computer monitors.

However, every medical facility requires different cart designs to achieve maximum staff efficiency and patient safety. A custom medical cart manufacturer can use a specialized development process to create unique carts and high-quality systems for your team.

Computers are an essential part of most modern carts since they can reduce the likelihood of omissions and errors in patient records and treatment. Label printers, barcode scanners, and other electronics are also helpful additions for staff. There may even be other tools and features you haven’t thought of yet that a cart manufacturer can install on your carts.

The Importance of Customization

Medical industry experts know that giving your staff the tools they need when they need them is a critical part of patient care. When your nurses have to run back to the nurses’ station for medication or paperwork, that takes valuable time away from patient care.

A custom medical cart manufacturer can create cart designs with the exact combination of computers, drawers, bins, and other tools and peripherals you require. This way, your nurses and physicians can have various medications and medical devices on hand as they do their rounds without interruption.

Custom cart manufacturers can also install specialized monitor mounts, keyboard trays, and height adjustment systems depending on your team’s work habits. This can improve overall ergonomics and reduce staff fatigue, which in turn can improve morale.

Base and Casters

Medical cart manufacturers can even customize the base and wheels installed on your cart. Having the right size base makes a huge difference when trying to maneuver the cart into a tight space and can even prevent balance issues when the cart is in motion.

Poorly-made casters get stuck easily and may require replacement much sooner than others. Casters that are well-engineered and made of heavy-duty materials resist most damage and roll smoothly even over old, damaged hospital tiles. A reputable manufacturer makes sure all of their casters work on a variety of surfaces, even if those casters are designed for light-duty carts.

Medical cart manufacturers

Battery Life

Some medication carts with electronic locks only need a small onboard battery to work. In many cases, a battery compartment that takes 4 C batteries balances weight and battery life considerations at a reasonable cost. When the batteries wear out after several months, your staff can easily replace them without any specialized tools or knowledge.

However, running an onboard computer or multiple electronic devices requires a more powerful rechargeable battery or a power cord that connects to the wall. In these cases, a custom cart manufacturer will work with you to develop a combination of AC power adapters and onboard batteries that work for you.

At Scott-Clark Medical, our Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) system is renowned for its ease of use and long battery life, and we’re proud to make it an option on our carts.

It’s normal for batteries to begin to lose their maximum capacity over the course of a few years. However, lead-acid batteries and other cheap technologies often have a lower battery life to begin with, meaning that they may last less than half a shift within 2-3 years. High-quality lithium-ion batteries are a more reliable modern option that can last for several years.

Mobile Cart Experts

Scott-Clark Medical provides custom computer stations, anesthesia carts, point of care carts, and other high-quality products for medical facilities. We pour our best engineering skills and knowledge into our products and back them with a 5-year limited warranty.

Our supply chain and manufacturing processes are streamlined to keep lead times to a minimum. Often, customers design their own carts, but our product development team can also work with you to develop a custom cart solution.

Please contact us at (512) 756-7300 to speak to a team member. We’ll walk you through our options and design processes so you can get a customized fleet of carts.

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