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If your team is working overtime or even dealing with a regular day in the ICU, the last thing you need to worry about is whether their work is being interrupted by low batteries. Powered medical carts are now a standard part of medical care, but maintaining their energy source is difficult when staff are hurrying from room to room.

Constant access to a medical PC is imperative, so investing in the right power source for carts makes a vast difference. Hot swap batteries are the latest in battery technology and are a massive improvement over the healthcare medical cart of decades past.

The Importance of Medical Computers

As federal laws have changed to require increased use of electronic health records, healthcare facilities have begun to use mobile medical PCs and tablets even more. They are essential to minimizing errors in records, because they allow staff to update health records directly instead of writing things down and then transferring them later.

This means that medical computers may be in near-constant use during a medical professional’s shift. Computer carts that rely on power cables or have short battery lives impede your team’s workflow as they stay in constant motion in their wards.

Changes in the Past 10 Years

With all the changes in battery technology, many healthcare medical cart companies are now creating 3rd or 4th editions of their earlier battery system designs. One of the biggest obstacles that manufacturers wanted to overcome was the loss of power to electronic components of the cart, including computers, while the cart battery was being changed.

Hot-swappable batteries simply involve installing a second battery slot on a cart, then configuring the cart’s power system to allow an immediate switch over to the new power source. This allows staff to remove the drained battery and return it to the charger, then resume their duties instantly.

Many other improvements, including easier troubleshooting and better battery life displays, have appeared over the years as well. However, hot-swappable batteries are arguably the single biggest asset for busy medical staff who need power fast without interrupting computer access.

Plus, hot-swap systems require minimal training to use, and newer lithium-ion batteries are lightweight for better workplace ergonomics. Thanks to the clear display screen on modern battery systems like our Flexible Mobile Power Cart Technology (FMPCT), you can tell at a glance whether the battery is fully inserted.

Power Requirements

Even tablets and laptops only have a battery life of a few hours if they are being used constantly. Having a mobile cart to plug them into extends their life dramatically, especially if you’re frequently pulling up records and displaying high-resolution images.

Next-gen Intel core processors reduce load times and allow you to update patient records faster, but may drain the battery quickly if you’re running the laptop at full power. Full-sized medical grade computers and vitals monitoring equipment also run down a cart’s battery fast.

Healthcare Medical Carts

Managing Long Shifts

Since older lead-acid battery systems only lasted 4-6 hours on average, medical staff usually end up having to swap batteries halfway through shifts. This could have potentially serious consequences in an emergency room or ICU, and could still have a negative impact on patient experience in a clinic or other everyday setting.

Shifts of 12 hours or longer almost inevitably require a battery change, but only having to change it once instead of twice makes an enormous difference. Your staff’s strength and energy levels naturally decline over the course of such long shifts, and they may not notice the battery’s power level toward the very end. Our FMPCT not-swappable batteries come with audio and visual alerts that notify staff when the power declines and the battery needs to be replaced.

High-quality lithium-ion batteries also don’t see as much reduction in capacity as lead-acid batteries, even after thousands of charge cycles. This means that your investment in lithium-ion technology will last for years, no matter how busy your facility is.

Your Healthcare Medical Cart Needs

Scott-Clark Medical creates a vast range of highly customizable healthcare medical carts for facilities of all types and sizes. We make anesthesia, crash, medication, and computer carts to fit your facility and wards’ unique needs. Our carts use aluminum and plastic to make the cart as lightweight as possible, even when equipped with a battery pack.

We have multiple types of carts available, ranging from fully battery-powered to non-powered. We even make special low-power battery packs that run on C batteries so you don’t have to invest in a full power pack for every single cart.

Our peripherals and add-ons include tool buckets and more so your staff can complete their rounds with just one cart’s worth of supplies. The battery pack on your cart can also power the height adjustment system, which improves overall ergonomics of each cart by allowing it to fit each unique staff member.

We work hard to build cart frames that meet your needs without compromising safety or durability. Our team has multiple cart bases available to keep your carts balanced and light enough for your team to use comfortably. Call us today at (512)-756-7300 and talk to one of our team members about customized solutions for you.

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