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Your staff members are the core of your hospital or clinic’s operations. Without the right equipment to get the job done, they might not be as efficient or accurate as they could be. They might even suffer repetitive motion injuries or excessive fatigue from using outdated equipment that doesn’t move around medical carts
Mobile medical equipment makes it easier to get medications, supplies, and technology to wherever you need it most. The right medical supply carts for your facility need to be durable and reliable, though, especially if your staff need to use them for entire shifts at a time.

Scott-Clark Medical makes medical supply carts and utility carts for a wide range of purposes, including medication delivery and emergency crash carts. We have numerous customization options to ensure your team is ready for anything from IV therapy to ICU emergencies.

Fully Customizable Drawers

Scott-Clark’s Patented Medication Carts incorporate a choice of drawer layouts for secure transportation and storage. Both cassette drawers and supplies drawers are available with electronic locking. Our standard cart modules can be mixed and matched in many different ways to accommodate both a computer and drawers on the same cart.

Our patented locks secure each drawer individually and push the unlocked drawer slightly open as an indicator to the user. Administrators can download and configure user codes for the onboard computer or configure proximity cards to quickly replace manual user code entry. This enhances security without relying on inconvenient wall mount cabinets for every medication need.

Electronic locking medical supply carts with scanner systems add security and peace of mind to a facility’s operations. Even the best nurses could make mistakes due to very similar-sounding patient or medication names. Scanner systems that require nurses to check an individual patient’s ID tag before dispensing medication can save lives.

We also offer manual key locks for drawers. Although these are not as secure, they may be an appropriate option for medications that are less vulnerable to abuse or error. They are also a good option for other supplies that need to be secured but are not at high risk of abuse if stolen.

Industry-Leading Battery System

Older battery systems for medical carts struggle to provide power for more than a few hours. Outdated lead-acid batteries take longer to charge and don’t provide power for as long as lithium-ion batteries of comparable size.

Our Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT)  uses lithium-ion batteries and a special hot swap system to make it easier for users to maintain continuous power for an entire shift. Each cart can be equipped with an extra battery slot to allow users to plug in a new battery and then remove the old one immediately.

This allows battery changes without interrupting power or requiring the user to plug the cart into a wall. The resulting flexibility makes a huge difference when a nurse is working overtime or attending to urgent patient needs.

Our battery systems also include state-of-charge indicators (SOCIs) that clearly show the battery’s status and charge levels. These easy-to-read electronic indicators eliminate the guesswork from battery charging and replacement.

Some medication carts without computers need only a little bit of battery power for electronic locking mechanisms. In these cases, we provide an internal battery system that runs on 4 C batteries. This smaller system is lightweight, inexpensive, and does not need frequent battery replacement or charging.

Durable Materials

Most parts of our carts are made out of stainless steel or aluminum. Although aluminum is excellent for creating lightweight components, it is not as strong as stainless steel. We use a combination of aluminum and stainless steel to create strong carts while keeping each cart’s weight manageable.

We only use small quantities of plastic on our carts, usually in places that require low weight and highly customized shaping. We use dense and strong plastic to minimize the risk of cracking and other damage.

We can customize the materials used in your carts if they need to be especially strong or light. Contact our team to learn more about the different modules and material options available.

The frames and batteries on our carts are covered by a 5-year limited warranty. We can back up our products with this warranty because we know that we’ve put the best engineering possible into every cart we make and that our materials will stand the test of time in your medical facility.

Highly Cleanable Surfaces

In hospital environments, frequent sanitation is key to preventing patient infections. Even equipment that doesn’t directly touch patients must be easy to clean and resist scratches and cracks that can harbor bacteria.

Our carts are designed to eliminate small corners and hard-to-clean gaps that could potentially become unsanitary. The plastic and painted metal used in our products and peripheral add-ons are built to resist damage and flaking, even with heavy daily use and frequent cleaning.

This is essential in all carts in all hospital areas, but is especially critical for isolation carts, procedure carts, and surgical case carts. Without a well-designed cart, infection control procedures in operating rooms and other critical areas could be compromised by bacteria still lurking in corners and cracks.

Safe and Easy Maneuvering

Although hospitals usually keep medication carts in each ward and on each floor to minimize how much staff have to move them, maneuverability is still a chief concern for staff. Getting carts in and out of doorways is harder than it looks, especially in older hospitals with narrow hallways or small patient rooms.

Our multi-surface casters are engineered to be well-balanced and easy to maneuver. They swivel easily for easy turns around tight corners but can lock into place for safety while the user is serving patients.

Choose from either our Lite Base or our Large Base when ordering your cart. The Lite Base is lighter and more ergonomic, but the Large Base provides better balance and is safer for top-heavy carts. We can advise you on your options if you’re unsure which base size is right for you.

Computer-Friendly Design

Modern medical carts often use computerized scanning systems for better accuracy and to allow nursing staff to update patient information instantly. This requires some amount of onboard electronic equipment, and many hospitals choose to include a small desktop computer and monitor for easy visibility and use.

Our computing workstations can include standard monitor mounts for easy attachment to your equipment. These mounts can be swiveled and turned to customize the viewing angle, making it easier for both patients and staff to see them.

Our carts are available with pull-out keyboards and dual mouse trays to accommodate both left- and right-handed users. Staff can work with carts easily and quickly without experiencing discomfort.

If you prefer to use a laptop with your medication cart, we can configure a cart to include a laptop tray instead. Our desktop can flip up to fit a laptop neatly inside, and can even allow the laptop screen to remain visible through a gap in the desktop lid. This design allows staff to complete whatever work they need to with medication or paperwork while still keeping important information visible.

Medication Cart
Ergonomic and Height Adjustable

Medication carts can be heavy, and even lightweight ones can strain the user’s back and shoulders if they are poorly designed. Although nurses are physically strong due to the demands of their job, hospital administrators should embrace any adjustment to equipment that makes nurses’ jobs easier.

Our carts are available with height-adjustable frames, including frames with electric motorized column lifts. Even users who don’t use the computer for long periods of time may find that an adjustable workstation makes their work more comfortable.

The height adjustment reduces the distance that tall users have to bend over to retrieve medications. This reduction of repetitive, strenuous motions may reduce staff fatigue and improve morale over time.

Customized Mobile Medical Cart Solutions

Scott-Clark Medical is your trusted provider of medical carts ranging from emergency crash carts and utility carts to general purpose medical treatment carts.

Our storage and organization carts offer user-friendly and time-saving designs backed by trusted engineering and materials. Because we specialize in medication carts, we have the knowledge it takes to customize your carts in a way that meets the needs of a modern medical facility.

Our patented designs are carefully engineered to achieve safety, security, and convenience for every ward in your facility. Contact us today at (512) 756-7300 so we can get to work on a customized solution for you.

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