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Point of Care mobile carts

Healthcare organizations employing Electronic Medical Record applications often look for the simplest and easiest point-of-care cart technology. Scott-Clark Medical has more than two decades of experience engineering mobile carts and working with clinicians from hospitals across the country to make patient care a priority.

Our range of point of care mobile carts provides clinicians with a reliable mobile workstation. Electronic storage drawers, bar code wands, and our FMCPT Swap-Option battery with unique Last Hour battery alert provide a trouble-free full-shift partner for the most demanding workflows.

Material Safety

Our height-adjustable carts are made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel that has been powder coated for long-lasting and safe use. Coated metal surfaces resist scratches and cracks that can give MRSA and other infectious agents a place to breed.

We minimize the use of plastic in accessories and peripherals in order to maintain safe and easy-to-clean surfaces. When plastic is necessary, we use durable plastic that resists cracking and can hold up to repeated frequent sanitation.

Superior Battery Technology

Reliable and long-lasting batteries are a critical part of mobile workstations. Although some point of care computer carts rely on cords and wall outlets, rechargeable battery power systems provide much more flexibility and maneuverability.

Our medical computer carts use innovative lithium-ion battery technology. These batteries are swappable or chargeable on the cart and are compatible with many laptops, computers, and other electronics. They last much longer than their lead-acid battery predecessors and enable staff to work for a full shift without changing batteries or plugging into a wall.

Ergonomic Features and Adjustable Height

Our basic carts have Easy-Lift monitors and tabletops for optimum work comfort. Any cart with onboard batteries can also be customized to include electric motor lifts for even easier adjustment.

We designed our carts with a small footprint for ease of maneuvering in tight hallways and patient rooms. This also translates to less strain on staff members’ wrists and shoulders because they can spend less time and effort struggling with cart movement.

Our mouse and keyboard trays are designed for both left- and right-handed use, further boosting ease of use and comfort for staff. Nurses and other support staff already have to do strenuous work throughout their shifts, so we put our best effort into making sure their computer workstation experience is as comfortable as possible.

Fully Customizable Accessories

Customization is available to meet the needs of many different users. Our cart options and add-ons include baskets, peripherals, and virtually unlimited cassette drawer sizes and combinations. This allows us to create carts for ultrasound technicians, ICU units, recovery rooms, and a range of other environments with highly specialized medical computers and technology.

Although we keep each cart’s footprint as small as possible to maximize available floor space, our carts include large work surfaces with plenty of desktop area. Nurses, physicians, and other staff can accomplish a wide range of tasks without hassle thanks to the combination of convenient electronics and desk space availability.

Top-Quality Point of Care Medical Carts

At Scott-Clark Medical, we pride ourselves on our ability to create highly durable carts with or without computers for any medical environment. We even back our carts with a 5-year limited warranty.

No matter how complex your needs are, contact our team for a customized option that gives your staff the tools they need to be more efficient and accurate. Contact us at (512) 756-7300 for more information.

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