Computer Cart Batteries

Computer Cart Batteries

Battery powered medical carts are becoming increasingly popular in the medical field. These mobile workstations allow immediate access to vital medical instruments, healthcare supplies, and computerized patient files. This saves times, improves patient response, and reduces stress for staff.

These battery systems were notoriously unreliable in years past, with batteries losing power in the middle of a shift and critical data being lost. Today, there is a better option available.

Computer Cart Battery Systems

Scott-Clark is proud to provide an enhanced power system for mobile medical carts. These mobile computer cart batteries can be swapped out without interrupting an ongoing power supply. They can be charged while in use, either at a wall charger or through a power cord.

The key to this flexibility is the Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology. This system allows for great flexibility in computer cart battery systems. It allows nurses to worry less about losing their power source and more about caring for their patients.

Computer Cart Batteries

Benefits of the Flexible Mobile Cart Power System

This system powers computers and laptops, blood pressure and pulse-ox machines, and vital signs monitors. The system can be ordered on new carts as well as retrofitted to existing medical carts.

The battery systems are long-lasting, ranging anywhere from six to twenty-four hours depending on the system that is right for you. This ensures that a battery will not quit in the middle of a shift. Batteries typically need to be completely replaced every five years.

When a battery is getting low, the system can let staff know through visual and audible signals, such as chimes and blinks. This alerts staff that the battery will need to be swapped soon, preventing power loss. Keeping data from being lost is an important step toward efficiency and patient safety.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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