Computer Cart on Wheels

Computers on wheels offer hospitals and clinics many advantages. If you are considering investing in a computer cart on wheels, here are just a few ways a Scott-Clark medical cart can benefit your medical facility.

Computer Cart on Wheels

Easy Access to Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Having easy access to patient data stored in EHRs when making a diagnosis or suggesting treatment can spell the difference between acceptable and optimal outcomes. The data an EHR provides can help physicians make the correct treatment decisions based on all the medical information available about the patient. This reduces the chance of misdiagnosis and the administration of incompatible treatments and, consequently, increases the likelihood of better patient outcomes.

Computers on wheels give healthcare providers the ability to quickly and easily access patient EHRs almost anywhere they go in a medical facility. The highly mobile carts Scott-Clark offers easily roll around, so medical staff have a computer on hand to access EHRs wherever and whenever they need them.

Space Saving

With all the equipment already in patients’ rooms for monitoring different aspects of their health, space is at a premium in many medical facilities. Older buildings with smaller rooms are especially affected by the lack of space to house some of the large modern-day pieces of medical technology.

A computer cart on wheels eliminates the need for facilities to install computers in every room. Instead, staff need only to move the cart into rooms when a computer is required for a particular task. Additionally, a single cart can service multiple rooms. These characteristics add up to a dramatic increase in space savings when using computer carts over traditional fixed equipment solutions.

Care (POC) Technology

Improved Workflow

Having a computer readily on hand gives medical staff the ability to record patient data in real time. Being able to record every bit of clinical information directly at the point of care lowers the chance that smaller yet equally important details are left out of your documentation.

Computer carts also offer the potential for integration with wearable health and fitness monitoring devices. Integration with commercially available monitoring solutions such as Fitbit or Apple Health streamlines information gathering so that physicians can better focus on controlling outcomes.

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