Computer Cart on Wheels

Healthcare facilities of all sizes need the best equipment possible to improve patient care, outcomes, and staff morale. Equipment mobility is essential for providing quality of care because fixed locations for computers can impede access to information and supplies.

Our computers on wheels can also help with patient engagement by allowing them to see and interact with their care regimen.

Warehouses and other industrial settings also need computer carts on wheels that will serve as a mobile workstation for updating critical information promptly.

A computer on wheels is great for taking inventory and communicating with vendors and clients while on the warehouse floor. Essential tasks are completed quickly and efficiently when you can move a computer to a convenient location.

If you are considering investing in a mobile computer cart, you need to assess strength and safety in addition to cost and design. Fortunately, our engineering team has the experience and knowledge necessary to custom-design carts that can serve you reliably.

Here are just a few ways a Scott-Clark medical cart can benefit your medical or industrial facility.

Easy Access to Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Having easy access to healthcare records and other patient data stored in an electronic health record, EHR, can mean the difference between acceptable and optimal outcomes when making a diagnosis or suggesting treatment.

The data an EHR provides can help physicians make the correct treatment decisions based on all the medical information available about the patient.

This improves medical care by reducing the chance of misdiagnosis and the administration of incompatible treatments and, consequently, increases the likelihood of better patient outcomes. In an age when medical malpractice is a serious liability issue, having the correct information readily available can make a huge difference in your facility’s safety track record.

Computers on wheels give healthcare providers the ability to quickly and easily access patient EHRs almost anywhere in a medical facility. The highly mobile carts Scott-Clark Medical offers easily roll around, so medical staff have a computer on hand to access EHRs wherever and whenever they need them, helping workers reach their goal of providing exceptional care for patients.

Space Saving

With all the equipment already in patients’ rooms for monitoring different aspects of their health, space is at a premium in many medical facilities. Older buildings with smaller rooms are especially affected by the lack of space to house large modern-day medical technology pieces.

A computer cart on wheels eliminates the need for facilities to install computers in every room. Instead, staff need only move the cart into rooms when a laptop is required for a particular task.

Our space-saving and simple design uses a CPU holder or other components such as a power outlet and lockable drawers to squeeze computer essentials into a footprint that’s as small as possible, much appreciated by healthcare professionals and warehouse workers.

Additionally, a single cart can service multiple rooms or locations around a facility. These mobile devices dramatically increase space savings when using computer carts over traditional fixed equipment solutions.

Improved Workflow

Workflow challenges often plague healthcare facilities. Having a computer readily on hand gives medical staff the ability to record patient data in real-time. Recording clinical information at the point of care lowers the chance that important details are left out of your documentation.

Computer carts also offer the potential for integration with wearable health and fitness monitoring devices. Integration with commercially available monitoring solutions such as Fitbit or Apple Health streamlines information gathering so that physicians can better focus on controlling outcomes.

In industrial settings, employees can travel to any location needed and directly input data without writing it down. This reduces the risk of errors affecting ordering or delivery operations or even damaging your relationship with a client.

Printer Carts

Medical facilities and warehouses may also need carts with full-size or label printers. These printer stands can help staff work in different areas or tackle a giant project requiring multiple staff to move around the facility.

Like our computer stands, we design and construct our printer carts with an eye for safety, balance, and ease of use. Some printers are heavy and pose a potential safety issue if the printer cart isn’t stable enough. We build the base wide enough to support all onboard electronics while keeping the footprint as small as possible.

Mobile Laptop Desks

Sometimes, staff need a desk with ample space for a laptop instead of a full-size computer on wheels. This is especially true for workers who need to take their own workstation’s laptop to new locations, possibly on another floor or in another wing.

We can customize your mobile care to meet any need. We have a wide range of options, including carts that include medication delivery, a slide-out tray, supply bins, and additional care equipment.

Laptop desks on wheels can include batteries for charging, but in some cases, staff may prefer a laptop cart or computer floor stand without a built-in battery because it’s lighter. We can provide a range of battery-powered carts for staff and different care environments.

Ergonomically Friendly

Standing desks have gained popularity in modern offices because they allow workers to stretch their legs and back and improve their posture. Standing desks are almost mandatory for some staff in a fast-paced medical or industrial setting, but they are an ergonomically friendly option for everyone.

Height adjustable standing computer stations can also be used with stools, which helps staff remain comfortable during long-term use. They’re flexible enough for the demands of a modern medical or industrial facility.

Wheels for carts in medical and industrial settings need to roll smoothly and quickly to reduce strain on workers’ backs and shoulders. To make our desks easier to move around, we use specialized rolling caster wheels that maximize mobility without compromising durability.

Battery Options

Modern computer carts no longer have to be plugged into walls to operate. Instead, they rely on hot swap batteries that staff can recharge and change with minimal training or technical knowledge.

Older carts use lead-acid batteries, which have shorter battery life and can lose charging capacity within a few years. Our state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries can last an entire shift without needing to be changed. They have a silent, low battery notification light that lets staff know when less than 20 minutes of battery power remains.

If someone ends up working overtime or forgets to change out the battery at the end of their shift, it’s still easy for the next user to change the battery without interrupting power.

Sometimes the average battery life is not enough. The hot swap system available on our carts has an extra battery space, which allows you to insert the fresh battery before removing the old one.

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction

Most of our carts and computer workstations use a combination of stainless steel and aluminum to keep the cart’s weight low while maximizing strength.

We also avoid using plastics in our carts because they can crack or scratch. This poses a sanitation problem for medical facilities since carts must be thoroughly sanitized. Any small space, including cracks, could harbor bacteria that threaten patient safety.

However, every facilities’ needs are different. We can custom-build heavy-duty mobile workstations that absorb bumps and scratches around your warehouse or other facilities. Talk to us about your specialized needs, and we’ll walk you through our process for designing the perfect computer carts for you.

Retrofitting Older Carts

Sometimes medical and industrial facilities have older carts or computers that are mostly in good shape but need replacement tires or casters to remain usable. Batteries may also lose charging power over time and require replacement.

Scott-Clark Medical is happy to retrofit your older carts with replacement wheels, batteries, and other parts. We know having access to your equipment is critical to your operations, so we’ll coordinate closely with you to ensure the job gets done as quickly as possible.

Partner With Scott-Clark Medical for Your Computer Carts on Wheels

Your medical or industrial facility has different needs than a home office or commercial setting. Every clinic, hospital, and warehouse is different, and you need customized solutions to keep your team working as efficiently and safely as possible.

Scott-Clark Medical specializes in utility carts, mobile computer desks, wheeled laptop tables and carts, medication carts, and much more.

We’re proud to offer a 5-year product warranty carts and battery systems to give you more peace of mind. Learn more about how we can serve you by contacting us today.

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