Mobile Computer Cart with Storage Units

One of the most beneficial aspects of having a mobile workstation in a clinical setting is having all the required medical devices stored in one location. Bringing a mobile computer cart to the patient fully prepares medical professionals with their equipment. They can significantly cut down on unnecessary journeys to retrieve files and therapeutic tools.

Scott-Clark Medical mobile computer carts come with a range of configurable options to fit every clinic’s needs.

What are the Features of Mobile Computer Carts with Storage?

Long-Life Batteries

At Scott-Clark Medical, we use Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) and a hot-swappable transfer system to keep your mobile cart ready for use. The long-life lithium-ion batteries can last up to 10 hours, and charge in as little as 2.5 hours.

One battery charges on the unit, while a second battery provides power to keep the cart in operation. A staff member can easily use the hot swap system to change the batteries over when a battery begins to run low on charge.

These batteries are also environmentally-friendly because they last up to 5 years, whereas many standard batteries only last for about a year.

Locking Conductive Casters

Locking conductive rolling caster wheels enable medical staff to roll the heavy-duty steel-framed cart through the ward easily. As the rolling cart travels over the ward floor, it may collect a static electric charge that could potentially transfer through the metal frame and damage sensitive electronic medical equipment.

However, the conductive casters intelligently transfer the charge back to the floor, protecting devices from damage. This feature could be life-saving when a physician requires electronic equipment to treat their patient.

Upon arrival at the point of care, physicians and nurses can use the secure locking casters to keep the mobile stand steady while engaging with the patient.

Removable Laptop Storage

Rather than keep a full-size CPU stand on the cart, our carts can come pre-installed with a removable laptop tray. The desktop features space underneath for a small form factor computer to fit discreetly, keeping your cart lightweight and streamlined.

Secure Storage for Medications

By utilizing a mobile medical cart with secure storage facilities, physicians can access medications at the point of care, boost productivity, and improve patient satisfaction.

Hospital personnel with the authorization to access pharmaceuticals carry an encoded keycard that identifies them as trained staff who have the approval to prescribe medications. Proximity scanners detect when one of these employees is within a preset distance of the biometrically-locked drawers and only grants them access.

This method is considerably more secure than the traditional lock and key drawers.Multiple drawers also enable staff to keep office supplies such as pens or paper within the unit. This feature helps them to make fewer visits back to their desks should they require stationery when on their rounds.

Accessible Storage for Cleaning and Sterilizing Supplies

Sanitation is a vital part of running any medical facility as the risk of infection transference is high. Medical staff can keep mobile workstations clean and sterilized between patient visits using storage supplies such as alcohol-based wipes, sprays, and gloves on the mobile unit.

Scott-Clark Medical mobile carts come with a convenient basket on the rear of every standard unit ideal for storing your cleaning supplies in an accessible location for quick and easy sanitation. We also add trash containers to the side of your cart for quick disposal of used PPE gear and other non-hazardous waste.

Sharps Storage

To keep staff and patients safe during the administration of intravenous medication, or other treatments using needles, we offer a used sharps storage container to eliminate the risk of potential injury and infection from needles and other sharp disposable medical tools.

The storage containers can be placed on the mobile computer cart in any configuration to suit your staff’s needs.

Barcode Scanner

Scott-Clark Medical mobile workstations carry onboard systems that immediately create a transaction history as soon as the physician removes a medicine from their cart. Each time they prescribe medication for their patients, a barcode scanner notes which medication they are removing from the cart, to whom they are prescribing the drug, and the date and time the transaction occurs.

This system safeguards both the employee and the patient and provides auditors with a clear and transparent record of precisely what occurred. Should a patient forget which staff member gave them a medication, the log can confirm they received it.

For staff, the records are proof they carried out their jobs correctly, helping them in the event of any concerns from patients, their families, or during an audit.

What are the Benefits of a Computer Cart with Storage?

Improve Patient Confidentiality

Medical professionals have a duty of care toward their patients, which includes keeping their personal information secure. Many facilities are eradicating paper files, and mobile computer carts provide a secure means of storing private patient data.

Using a mobile laptop kept on the cart, physicians can access a patient’s medical file at the point of care. After treating their patient, staff can enter their notes, and then lock the file, preventing access from personnel who do not have a password.

As other professionals involved in the patient’s treatment plan also require access to the information, secure encryption software transfers the data to a centrally-located system, providing an efficient yet safe storage method.

Eliminate Record-keeping Delays and Errors

Having a mobile machine at the point of care helps eliminate delays while physicians wait for a colleague to add notes from paper files to a computer system. This system also reduces the risk of misreading notes that are in another colleague’s handwriting.

Better Comfort for Patients and Staff

As laptop carts come with a height-adjustable frame, physicians can lower the computer desk to the same height as the patient as they lie in bed. Medical staff can then use the laptop computer to show the patient the information they have regarding their condition and discuss treatment options.

Improve Patient Interactions

Research shows that increasing the length and quality of doctor-patient interactions can have a significant positive impact on patient health outcomes. By engaging with their patients, medical staff can build a level of trust which can help them when advising on a particular course of action.

A mobile computer cart is a better alternative to a stationary floor stand, as the mount allows you to angle the monitor toward patients for increased confidentiality and collaboration. There is even the possibility of adding a printer stand to the cart’s workstation, and physicians can leave copies of information the patient may find beneficial.

Provide a Versatile Organization and Storage Option

Scott-Clark Medical mobile computer carts with storage are useful in more than just clinical settings. The sleek, compact design and adjustable features make our carts ideal for offices.

Businesses are continually trying to cut costs, including relocating to small premises to reduce rent and utility bills. Medical Mobile carts with a small footprint are perfectly designed for use in small office spaces and configurable to suit your office needs. The storage drawers underneath the cart are suitable for storing paper, stationery, and other office supplies within easy reach.

The hydraulic lift on the unit lets users adjust the desktop’s height so the cart can be used as a hybrid sit-stand desk. The adjustable height can encourage more movement and create a healthier and more productive workforce.

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Computer Cart Technology

At Scott-Clark Medical, we plan for the future and upgrade our carts when new technology becomes available. As part of our commitment to keeping your costs as low as possible, we can even retrofit your existing carts with the latest technology.

If you have carts that are reaching the end of their lifespan, we also provide a service to refurbish those units keeping them in operation and your mobile cart maintenance costs to a minimum. We can refurbish your fleet on-site with minimal disruption for patients and staff, and equip your carts with our patented FMCPT batteries to prolong their lifespan and ensure your team always has carts ready for every situation.

For Safer Storage for Supplies and Medication, Choose Scott-Clark Medical

Serving the US, Canada, and distributing worldwide, Scott-Clark Medical can deliver mobile computer carts with a wide range of storage options. Contact us at (512) 598-5837 to discuss your mobile computer cart needs.

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