Computer Carts on Wheels for Hospitals

Computer Carts on Wheels

Introducing Scott-Clark medical computer carts

Medical computer carts provide healthcare professionals with the most efficient method of accessing and dynamically updating patient information while on the move between hospital working areas. Medical teams have long recognized the benefits of these highly adaptable, mobile computer workstation units.

Reliable, high quality and extremely stable

Our computer carts are designed with stability in mind. Wheels are manufactured from high quality, durable materials and have inbuilt locking mechanisms that are easy to operate and reliable in use. Our carts are predictably easy to steer, change direction and stop. This makes them a pleasure to use and allows the practitioner to give their full attention to healthcare tasks.

Light and durable

Ergonomic design combined with the use of modern materials that are both strong and lightweight, means that Scott-Clark medical computer carts require little effort to move between nursing stations and wards, offices and consulting rooms.

Computer Carts on Wheels for Hospitals

Customizable and height adjustable

Scott-Clark medical computer carts are all height adjustable, so users of different heights can interact with equipment comfortably, without compromising musculoskeletal health.

A wide range of accessories is available, so the specific requirements of individual departments or healthcare professionals can be met. These include storage drawers, removable instrument trays, racks for patient records, medical supplies, and other add-ons.

Battery management

Our patented battery management system has built-in alerts, enabling the user to monitor battery levels easily and to swap and recharge batteries when required. Back-up power is integral to every Scott-Clark medical computer cart, ensuring the integrity of the system.

Infection control

Our medical computer carts are designed with surface materials and textures that are easily cleaned so that the high standards of hygiene required in a hospital environment can be maintained with minimum disruption to services.

Seamless access to patient data

Having patient data “on tap” allows for seamless transfer and availability of information, allowing teams of professionals to work around the clock with instant access to a patient’s up-to-date treatment history, enabling informed judgments to be made about next steps without delay.

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