Medical Computer Carts on Wheels for Infection control

medical computer carts on wheels

Medical computer carts provide healthcare professionals with the most efficient method of accessing and dynamically updating patient information while moving between hospital working areas. Medical teams have long recognized the benefits of these highly adaptable, mobile computer workstation units.

Scott-Clark Medical builds customizable computer carts on wheels for hospitals and other medical facilities. We can incorporate locking drawers, scanners, and other essentials you need to keep your staff moving and fully equipped. We build our carts with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries so your team can make it through an entire shift without having to plug in their cart or change batteries.

Reliable Engineering

Achieving stability with the smallest footprint possible requires expert engineering knowledge, but we can do it because we have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing medical carts. We know that patient rooms are small, and creating a cart that’s too large makes it much more difficult for nurses and other staff to do their jobs.

The wheels are manufactured from high quality, durable materials and have inbuilt locking mechanisms that are easy to operate. We even provide two base options, Lite and Large, so we can give your cart a heavier base if needed for stability.

Our carts are predictably easy to steer, change direction, and stop wherever needed in a patient room or other work area. This makes them a pleasure to use and allows the practitioner to give their full attention to healthcare tasks.

computer carts on wheels healthcare

Customizable and Height Adjustable

Scott-Clark Medical computer carts on wheels are all height-adjustable, so users of different heights can comfortably interact with equipment without compromising musculoskeletal health. The keyboard and mouse trays built into the carts are designed for both left- and right-handed users.

A wide range of accessories is available to meet the specific requirements of individual departments or healthcare professionals. These include storage drawers, monitor mounts, removable instrument trays, racks for patient records, scanner systems, and other add-ons.

Our drawers are available with electronic or manual key locking systems. Electronic systems can use keycards, user IDs, or scannable barcodes to ensure staff only have access to medications at certain times. This reduces the risk of theft, abuse, or error from both patients and staff without relying on cabinets on wall mounts.

Battery Management

Lithium-ion batteries are at the cutting edge of battery technology. These batteries charge faster and store more power than lead-acid batteries of years past. If your mobile computer carts’ batteries are outdated and in need of replacement, we can connect you with systems that allow staff to work more efficiently without having to worry about frequent recharging.

Our patented battery management system has built-in alerts, enabling the user to monitor battery levels easily and to swap and recharge batteries when required. Powered carts work best when their batteries can be replaced without interruption of power, so we’ve developed a Hot Swap system for easy replacement. This system gives each cart an extra battery slot, so users can plug in the fresh battery before unplugging the old one.

Infection control

Our medical computer carts use surface materials and textures that are easily cleaned so that you can maintain the high standards of hygiene required in a hospital environment. We avoid creating work surfaces or storage units with narrow grooves or tight corners.

We minimize plastic use in our products and only use it when necessary to reduce weight or create highly customized shapes and surfaces. The plastic we use is highly durable and resists cracks or other damage that can create breeding grounds for bacteria. We powder coat the extruded aluminum and stainless steel surfaces for a durable surface that holds up to strong cleaning without flaking or cracking.

Seamless Access to Patient Data

Having patient data “on tap” allows for seamless transfer and availability of information, allowing teams of professionals to work around the clock with instant access to a patient’s up-to-date treatment history. This enables teams to make informed judgments about next steps without delay.

This ease of access is especially critical in high-risk environments such as ICUs. When shift changes occur, staff need to be able to easily see and confirm events that happened during the previous shift, as well as any ongoing health concerns for each patient.

Full Range of Customization Options

Whether you’re a major medical center or a small local clinic, our powered medical carts keep your team working at their best. Each computer on wheels you order has height adjustment, caster base, monitor mounts, and even laptop storage tray options that you can customize to meet your medical facility’s unique needs.

Learn more about Scott-Clark Medical cart solutions by calling our team at (512) 756-7300. We’re always happy to work with you to design the carts you need to keep your patients safe and healthy.

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