Computer and Machine Carts

The management of patient data and supplies has been made much easier in recent years thanks to computer and machine carts. These carts enable healthcare facilities to have all their data immediately available to the doctors, nurses, and others when at a patient’s bedside. Computer and Machine Carts With computer and machine carts in use at your hospital, there is no need for heavy lifting or deal-ing with wires and cables everytime you need to set up an powered medical device or computer. Using the right cart saves medical practitioners time in an increasingly busy environment.


Scott-Clark has designed computer and machine carts with the medical profession in mind. The materials used were chosen for durability, sanitation, and ease of maintenance. Where possible the use of plastics has been minimized, and lightweight extruded aluminum or stainless steel has been used.

The casters on which the computer and machine carts move smoothly on a variety of different surfaces. The sleek design allows you to store them just about anywhere. Scott-Clark batteries are long lasting and charge more quickly than conventional batteries. This saves you time and labor. More important, our proprietary battery system allows for hot-swapping.

You never lose power when you switch batteries. Our units come with easy-to-read display screens that indicate how much power you have left before you need to re-charge.


If you choose a computer and machine cart from Scott-Clark, you can customize it any way you like. We offer many different options including carts designed for laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, or other client devices. Other peripherals such as printers or scanners or RFIDs. Shelving can be added too. We can even retrofit your existing carts to accommodate whatever you need.

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