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The healthcare industry is continually changing to keep up with the advancing technology of today’s fast-paced world and improve patient engagement. These changes have vastly improved recovery and survival rates, sanitation within healthcare facilities, and the speed at which medical professionals can provide.

A computer on wheels in healthcare environments can help bring about these positive changes in your facility. They give your staff the ability to move critical patient data wherever needed, helping lead the way to greater health all around.

What Is a Medical Computer Carts On Wheels?

These mobile computer units can roll around from room-to-room, bringing up-to-date medical information directly to the patient’s bedside. With a computer on wheels in your healthcare setting, your staff can have immediate access to patient allergies, medication lists, symptoms, and everything else stored in Electronic Health Records.

Improving patient interactions starts with reducing human error by embracing better technology. Being able to update records immediately can reduce errors and omissions by eliminating lost papers, difficult-to-decipher handwriting, or confusing instructions.

Customization Options

Computer workstations on wheels can have more than just a computer and monitor. We can equip them with drawers, bins, and accessories for use as medication carts, Point of Care workstations, and much more.

We’ve fine-tuned our lithium-ion batteries with Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) to allow electronics on your carts to stay powered through a full shift. When a battery change becomes necessary, our Hot-Swap system makes it easy to place a new battery into a spare slot, then remove the old one without interrupting power.

Modern computer workstation designs are lightweight, durable, and easy to sanitize for patient safety. We use as much stainless steel and aluminum as possible for easier sanitation. When plastic is necessary, we use high-quality durable plastics that resist cracking and scratching.

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What About Efficiency?

If you want to achieve better efficiency in your healthcare setting, a computer on wheels can help. With a mobile unit, you eliminate the need to trek back and forth to the nurse station or a wall mounted workstation to retrieve patient files. Every record is available immediately at your fingertips, saving time and energy.

Your team can move from room to room more easily with a medical computer cart on high-quality casters. This amounts to better patient care and staff morale, especially in clinics or hospitals that are constantly busy.

Scott-Clark Medical’s Commitment to Excellence

Working in the medical field can be an exhilarating profession, and it’s never been more exciting to be a part of it. Participating in the cutting-edge advancements in medicine is possible when you utilize mobile computers on wheels. At Scott-Clark Medical, we have a help desk available to answer your questions and provide you with the highest quality medical carts.

Scott-Clark Medical can customize our computers on wheels for healthcare settings to meet the needs of your unique facility and staff. We can also retrofit your existing mobile computer carts with new batteries, casters, and other critical parts so your staff can work more safely and effectively. Contact us at (512) 756-7300 to discuss customized solutions for you.

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