Computer Storage Carts on Wheels

Gone are the days when staff had to trek halfway across the facility to find a computer. With computer storage carts on wheels, it is now simple and easy to bring the computer where you need it.

Scott-Clark has a variety of computer storage carts to suit all your medical needs, as well as some valuable additions. We’ve developed a single frame shape that can be adjusted to suit all your needs.
Medical Utility Carts With Drawers

Types of Carts

Medication carts are lightweight and easy to move. This cart has extra storage drawers underneath, and plenty of space for your computer and spare batteries. It is very easy to clean, is usable by both right- or left-handed people, and works with FMCPT batteries.

Point-of-care carts are compatible with multiple computers, such as laptops, tablets, and notebooks. Mobility is always a key component of wheeled computer storage carts, and the point-of-care range is no exception. They’re built small, so medical staff can store them easily or maneuver them through crowded hallways.

If you require specialized computer storage carts on wheels Scott-Clark is fully capable of creating a custom-made cart for your organization. If you need a cart to hold multiple computers or a larger than usual workspace, we can help.

Industrial Custom Medical Carts

Benefits of Use

All computer our storage carts are maneuverable, with the wheels positioned for the best support and movement. They come with plenty of available storage drawers and computer space.

All our carts are compatible with batteries developed for continuous use, meaning staff aren’t constantly working to recharge or replace batteries. Our computer storage carts use easily cleanable surfaces, ensuring that they can be fully disinfected regularly.

The team at Scott-Clark Medical is constantly working to help you improve your productivity and efficiency. Your patients are our highest priority, and we are working to remove any and all power issues for caregivers.

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