Computer Workstation on Wheels

Over the years, computers have become a mainstay of the healthcare industry. Their presence in medical facilities is now commonplace, with many doctors and nurses making use of a computer workstation on wheels.

Medical professionals use computers for all sorts of tasks, far beyond basic administration. These duties include monitoring patient vital signs, diagnosis, medical imaging, and even aiding surgeons during complex operations.

Mobile medical carts

Mobile medical carts from Scott-Clark

Our medical workstations are lightweight and highly mobile thanks to their multiple-surface casters. They are adjustable to make them easily accessible for healthcare professionals of any height, promoting the comfort and well-being of your team.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer many different mobile workstation models, all of which include a surface for a computer or tablet device, as well as a pull-out keyboard shelf and dual mouse trays to accommodate both left and right-handed users.

Our mobile medical carts are also highly customizable. Users can add on a range of optional extras like barcode readers, label printers, sharps disposal units, and chart holders, as well as a variety of locking mechanisms for medication drawers.

Advanced battery technology

Advanced battery technology

Our mobile workstations power your computer and other hardware via our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power technology, or FMCP.

FMCP utilizes multiple high-capacity batteries with a lifespan of around six to 10 hours. Users can either charge these batteries on the cart or at a designated charging station. Simply swap out a depleted battery and replace it with a fresh one, while the remaining battery continues to provide vital power to your computer.

As healthcare staff administer care to their patients, the last thing they need is for their technology to fail them. Essentially, a medical computer cart from Scott-Clark can run indefinitely, thanks to our advanced battery technology.

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