Computers on Wheels in Hospitals

It’s common to see computers on wheels in hospitals nowadays as more and more medical institutions are recognizing the benefits of mobile IT solutions for their establishments.

At Scott-Clark, we’re proud to be one of the forerunners and industry leaders in manufacturing mobile computer carts, with decades of experience manufacturing carts for medical use.

medical computer carts on wheels

Shapes and Features of Healthcare Computer Carts on Wheels

For most hospital uses, a tall thin cart is an ideal way to make use of vertical space while preventing the risk of obstruction and other hazards posed by excessive equipment. A thin, slender cart is easy to fit into gaps between other equipment or nestle in a corner around a patient’s bed or in a lab.

We provide carts with a variety of configurations for all different kinds of uses. What defines a computer has changed in recent years with a shift towards tablets, laptops and other versatile IT equipment. Regardless of your IT equipment preference, we can accommodate your requirements by engineering a cart that holds and powers a great range of IT hardware.

In addition to your IT, which will allow your staff to interact with network systems and work efficiently away from a desk, we can fit carts with drawers, baskets, pullout keyboard and mouse stands, and more.

Powering Carts for Untethered IT

Our power solutions are designed to make your operations simple. We support using standardized power for medical equipment and your IT hardware, so you don’t require different chargers and complicated battery storage operations for your different cart types.

computer carts on wheels for hospitalsTo track battery power, we fit an attractive, sleek and easy-to-read display which indicates the remaining power and reminds you when it’s time to replace the battery on your cart. Doing so is easy with helpful, ergonomic batteries that feature a handle for easy carry and useful options like hot swap battery changing – so you never need to shut down at a crucial moment during patient care.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented

Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System. Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical Team can do for you.

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