Medical Storage Cabinet

Advances in healthcare technology are designed to make life easier for patients and healthcare workers. Simple tests can now be performed and ordered at the bedside. Medical carts and cabinets are pivotal to the successful completion of daily tasks for the average healthcare worker.

custom medical carts

Scott-Clark Medical provides high-quality custom medical carts & cabinets, conveniently available in different shapes and sizes.

The design of our carts allows efficient integration in the healthcare environment across all departments. At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer a large variety of medical carts and cabinets. We have medical carts built to hold computers, iPads, and cameras. Many have multiple drawers with different depths. You can lock the drawers easily and the configurations available provide you the flexibility you need to meet your specific demands.

Why would you need a custom medical cart and cabinet?

The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding, and its needs constantly evolve. This means medical carts and cabinets may often need personalization to fit your facility’s requirements.

In these cases, we have custom medical carts and cabinets so that our carts fits your needs.

Standard medical carts and cabinets can be easily customized. Typically, the customer has a specific need they require for a medical cart and cabinet.

We can very quickly produce and deliver custom medical carts & cabinets while still maintaining our high standards of quality.

One popular customized cart is our Intensivist Camera Cart for critical care use. In this care, we extended the standard height and adapted two large displays and a support system to the cart.

Doctors in a research station

custom medical cart

It is not always necessary to purchase new. We have a large selection of quality used custom carts to meet your every need.

Scott-Clark Medical offers a vast range of carts and workstations to suit all needs. Learn more about the Scott-Clark medical carts by contacting us today.

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