Custom Medical Carts


Medical carts come in a variety of standardized and custom styles. Whether it be medication, point of care, or specialized option carts, custom medical carts can be tailored to suit the needs of your healthcare facility and effectively improve employee productivity.

Quality Custom Cart Benefits and Characteristics

Point of care custom medical carts can help streamline work activities for your employees by eliminating the need to go to a centralized location to chart, collect supplies, dispense medications, or dispose of hazardous materials. This ultimately increases the amount of time the provider spends with the patient, which should be a goal of every healthcare organization.

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The convertible base allows the cart to be configured in a variety of different combinations or it can be special ordered to meet desired specifications. The carts are made of aluminum, which makes them lightweight and easy to maneuver. They can also be outfitted with various power sources to fulfill every need. Customized carts may feature two computer screens, printers, drawers that range in size and are accessed electronically or via a keyed lock, electronic signature pads, and vital sign tracking monitors among other things.

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Different Types of Custom Medical Carts

If versatility and extended battery life are important, consider the Rounding Cart, which offers a lightweight platform and a backup power source capable of supporting any electronic device for an extended period of time.

Simplify the admissions process with the Registration-Support Cart, which is outfitted with a camera and a printer capable of producing scannable labels and wristbands to ensure proper patient identification when dispensing medications or charting.

The All-Purpose Cart is a very capable unit in all settings considering it can power up to 11 devices. Finally, some customizable medical carts, such as the Intensivist Camera Cart, are equipped with a multifunctional camera that can be operated with a remote control.


Scott-Clark medical has been an innovative contributor to the medical cart industry for over 20 years. If your healthcare organization is in the market for the latest high performance customizable medical carts, consider giving our products a test drive.

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