Durable Medical Equipment

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At Scott-Clark Medical, we are dedicated to ensuring you reach your patient care goals by guaranteeing your equipment always remains functional. We provide computer workstations, medication carts, and general-purpose medical carts that are durable and hold up through years of use in busy medical facilities.

Customization Options

Your facility needs specialized medical carts for different wards, including neonatal, oncology, ICU, trauma, and more. We make customized carts and workstations with add-ons ranging from baskets and drawers to scanners and monitor mounts. Our carts are built for you to move all supplies you need, from blood testing strips and glucose monitors to rubber gloves and masks.

We even have multiple height adjustment options available. Choose from our Easy Lift system or our motorized electronic system available for powered carts.

Because our carts are all designed around one basic frame design, we can customize and redesign the peripherals used on each unit of your fleet. This allows you to mix and match the tools and equipment you need with many possible combinations.

Rugged Design

Our carts use stainless steel when necessary for strength and use aluminum when possible to keep the total weight as low as possible. We powder coat the metal for rust resistance, and the resulting product provides a safe and durable frame for health care settings.

Occasionally, we use plastic in parts due to weight or shaping considerations. We make sure to use high-quality plastic that resists scratches and is easy to sanitize.

Durable Medical Equipment Services

High Mobility of Medical Equipment Services

We understand that you need to get medical supplies into patient rooms quickly and that carts need to squeeze into tight corners in small rooms. That’s why we design ergonomic handles and high-quality casters that make nurses’ and technicians’ jobs easier.

Our casters are built to be just as durable as the rest of our carts and frames. We even offer two choices of bases for optimal stability, depending on what add-ons you have on the rest of the cart.

Battery Life and Flexibility

Advanced lithium-ion batteries are essential for keeping your carts running as long as possible. Scott-Clark Medical has revolutionized medical cart power supply systems by developing a hot swap system that makes it easy for staff to change batteries without interrupting power.

Our batteries can last a full shift, but they may need to change batteries or plug in if a nurse or physician works overtime. By installing a second battery slot on the cart, we make it easy for staff to connect a fresh power source without finding a wall outlet.

Customized Durable Medical Equipment Services

Scott-Clark Medical is proud to offer durable cart designs and technology that get your computers, equipment, and supplies where they need to be without hassle or delay.

Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical team has to offer by calling us at (512) 756-7300. We’re happy to walk you through our catalog of options and design a solution that meets your facility’s unique needs.

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