Durable Medical Equipment Services

Whether we are talking about patient care in a hospital or a clinic, durable medical equipment services are of paramount importance. Speedy recovery for patients is the goal, and faulty or aged equipment does nothing to further it. At Scott-Clark Medical, we are dedicated to ensuring you reach your patient care goals by ensuring your existing equipment remains functional always.

Durable Medical Equipment

You need durable medical equipment services that will not only replace redundant equipment but also meet your budget needs by providing refurbishment and retrofits. Instead of replacing your entire fleet, you can upgrade it, especially where you require an existing unit to be simply reassigned to another use.

Refurbishment of durable medical equipment need not disrupt your busy caregivers' or medical professionals’ schedules. At Scott-Clark Medical, we can deliver unobtrusive refurbishment services on-site while allowing medical staff to continue with their work uninterrupted.

Because our carts are all designed around one basic frame design, we can customize and redesign the peripherals used on each unit of your fleet. No need for astronomical outlays when you can call in durable medical equipment services from Scott-Clark Medical, to make minimal changes or adjustments, saving you money as well as time.

We have all heard it said that the only constant in life changes, and at Scott-Clark Medical we understand this truth is nowhere more relevant than in the medical profession. That is why we included durable medical equipment services in our range of resources available to medical centers of all kinds.

Mobile Ultrasound Machine

Changes in demand in certain sectors of your hospital or clinic need not be a cause for concern. We have solutions available to facilitate the adaptation of your durable medical equipment to support those changes seamlessly. Flexibility is the name of the game, and your vital services require all-star players! Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical Team.

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