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Medical carts are versatile and useful tools that can assist in a range of everyday tasks in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. By providing medical staff with carts, you might prevent accidents, injuries or damage that can result from dropping or spillage when an employee tries to carry too much.

The advantage of an electronic medical cart is that it can store information about the contents of the cart and even access network systems for patient information or other updates. This can improve communication, which is the core of any efficient facility.

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Possible Uses of Electronic Medication Carts

An electronic medical cart might simply have an IT display that can enhance normal operations, possibly displaying patient information digitally instead of relying on paper and clipboards. However, electronic medical carts can also power equipment, using an on-board battery system which can improve the efficiency and even the response time of urgent medical treatment.

Instead of waiting to plug equipment in, dangerously trailing wires in the heat of the moment, which could prevent the risk of further injury, staff could benefit directly from a battery powered electronic medical cart.

Standardized power systems, making use of our Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) allow for simple charging and battery replacement operations. Certain configurations even enable useful functions, such as hot-swap battery replacement, which means untethered uninterrupted battery change without shutting down equipment.

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Customization Options for Mobile Medical Carts

We frequently customize our carts for the needs of clients, adding specific features such as a basket for clipboards or a variety of drawer sizes on the main body. Whatever you require, we will do our utmost to find a suitable solution that helps your business and works for your doctors and nurses.

Depending on the floors of your facility, you might require a certain type of wheel that can tolerate bumps or allow for braking on angled surfaces. Our engineers can fit suitable wheels to cope with the demands of your medical facility, prioritizing safety and efficiency for your staff. Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical Team can do for you.

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