Electronic Medication Carts

Medication administration in the hospital setting is more advanced than at any time in human history.

There is so much more to administering medications than simply bringing pills to a patient. Today’s hospital settings are incredibly complex. Medical professionals may have to administer dozens of medications at different hours of the day through intravenous, subcutaneous, oral, or intramuscular routes.

Using electronic medication carts is increasingly popular within hospital care units and other clinical settings to make medication administration safer, more efficient, and easier.
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Why Portable Medical Carts are the Future of Medication Administration in the Hospital

Electronic medication carts promote patient safety. Manufacturers, such as Scott-Clark Medical, can equip them with an integrated computer workstation, laptop, or tablet. This allows medical professionals to access forms and verify medication orders and patient allergies prior to administering a treatment.

Electronic medication carts have advantages that other varieties of medication administration, such as a central medication room, do not. One of their primary advantages is mobility. Nurses or pharmacy can pre-load medication carts with all the medications that multiple patients might need.

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Bringing portable medication carts to patients’ rooms ensures that the nurse has everything they need at their fingertips. From a different gauge of needle to pain medication that is ordered “as needed,” there are many extras that medical professionals can carry around in a medication cart in case they require them.

Using these medication carts means that the nurse does not have to make multiple trips to another place to get additional medication or supplies between patients. This is a significant time saver that translates to better care for the patient and improved efficiency for the medical organization.

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