FMCPT Power Systems

FMCPT Power Systems offers a viable solution to common problems encountered with the current design of cart batteries. These issues affect nurses the most.

Nurses are vital to the success of any hospital. By easing their work, the entire hospital can increase its efficiency and patients can receive the help they need. The mobile workstations currently used have technical problems related to the on-board battery, problems that FMCPT Power Systems are designed to address.
FMCPT Power Systems

Features of FMCPT Power Systems

Medical carts upgraded with FMCPT Power Systems have an exchangeable battery pack with 6-10 hours of battery life. These batteries take approximately 2.5 hours to charge.

The new batteries ensure that nurses will always have power for a complete shift. After the shift is done, the battery is easily removed and replaced with a new one, and the cart is ready for the next shift.

The lightweight pack design allows for easy and quick removal and exchange. Nurses can spend more time with patients and increase productivity without having to waste time searching for medical carts that have full power. Instead, they can simply replace the battery.

A visual indicator will alert yellow as the battery is near its end of charge and will flash yellow when there are 20 minutes of battery life left. As to not disturb patients, there are no sound alerts associated with battery life. Nurses no longer must worry about medical carts running out of battery without their knowledge.

If a situation occurs where traditional charging is needed or preferred, an on-board safety system allows users to plug-in and charge.
Features of FMCPT Power Systems

Financial Benefits

FMCPT Power Systems are not only impactful in their daily use, but also have financial positives. Since FMCPT Power Systems are implemented by upgrading existing medical carts, they are more cost-effective than purchasing entirely new carts. Replacing old, existing batteries with new, longer-lasting batteries decreases the operating costs.

IT Benefits

IT members can be more productive, as battery swaps no longer require IT support. The CAPS system will run for 5 years, and 3000+ cycles and the upgraded carts require less mean time to repair and mean time between failure.

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