Mobile Workstation Battery

Battery Powered Mobile Workstation

Only the best mobile powered workstations come with a rechargeable battery pack, in fact, the best come with hot swap battery packs. The hot swap battery pack provides endless hours of mobile performance to any workstation.

When you need to access data, work on reports and use any mobile workstations devices, you need to make sure that the workstation has a sufficient source of power. One of the most disruptive features of a portly designed workstation is its lack of sufficient power and sourcing for power.

Nurses, physicians and support staff all have access to mobile workstations, and all tend to move them around to suit their purposes. In many cases, these workstations are never in one place for a long time, and none of the staff ever think about plugin them in for power or recharging.

That is why Scott-Clark has designed the leading mobile powered workstations with a rechargeable battery for medical use. We know how important it is to work without interruption, especially in a clinical environment. We also understand that you want to forget about power and concentrate on work.

This is why you want to get the hands free, a workstation that integrates the Scott-Clark Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System. This is a hot swap system that provides you with a simple yet efficient rechargeable battery system using two battery packs that deliver unstoppable power.

The Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System is simple and easy to use, whenever one battery cell depletes, the second cell comes online. The user is then given the warning to recharge the depleted cell, leading to a seamless energy solution.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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