Healthcare Carts

At their core, carts are simple tools, and they are frequently used within the healthcare setting for diverse purposes such as point of care.

There are many types of carts and a multitude of accessories that may optimize their use for a specific patient care area. Scanners, monitor mounts, keyboard trays, and other essentials can transform your facility’s efficiency. Even minor details like baskets make a huge difference when your staff members are working hard.medical cart healthcare

Uses of Medical Carts in Healthcare

Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals may use carts during their daily professional activities. Since their exact setting and usage varies, they should be customized in accordance with each staff member’s needs.

A nurse might access a lockable medication cart to administer medications to different patients. A physician might complete their rounds with a computer cart so they can access electronic medical records and test results at the bedside. A physiotherapist might use a similar cart when they document physio exercises they have completed with a patient.

Some carts are designed for a particular setting or occasion instead of an individual staff member or department. Anesthesia carts and crash carts are often similar in every department, with the exception of pediatrics. However, the preferences and needs of individual departments may still vary and should be taken into account when designing a cart.

Clinics and Outpatient Settings

Healthcare carts are also used in family medical practices, outpatient surgery centers, immunization clinics, public health centers, dental clinics, veterinary surgeries, and more.

Even if your unit, facility, or program mostly uses paper records and documentation, mobile carts are helpful in documenting patient care and bringing medications and supplies directly to patient rooms. Transitioning to mobile computer record-keeping may also help reduce errors by eliminating handwriting problems, lost paperwork, and other causes of omissions in patient records.

Medical storage carts with drawers are more convenient than cabinets that have to be placed on wall mounts. By keeping your supplies storage mobile, you make it easier for staff to meet patients whenever and wherever necessary to provide optimal care.

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Superior Quality

Your facility’s carts are a serious investment. The wear and tear put on your carts can damage cheap materials, so it’s essential to seek out the best materials and engineering possible.

Our carts use a combination of powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum parts to create a strong frame that’s lightweight enough for staff to push. We minimize plastic parts, but when we do use plastic, we make sure that it’s strong and resistant to cracks and scratches.

We also pay careful attention to our casters and bases. Casters that stick or turn in undesired ways can cause your cart to collide with a wall or patient equipment. Our casters roll smoothly, even over uneven linoleum or other surfaces present in older hospitals.

The Perfect Healthcare Medical Carts for Your Team

Customized medication, computer, and procedure carts are necessary to keep your team moving and working as effectively as possible. High-quality carts offer a way to efficiently organize supplies, secure medication, and keep computers running for an entire shift.

Scott-Clark Medical is proud to work with hospitals and clinics of all sizes to meet your needs. We provide reliable cart power and battery management systems, including a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System. We also offer retrofitting and replacement parts for older carts.

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