Healthcare Carts

A cart is a relatively simple innovation. They are frequently used within the healthcare setting for diverse purposes. However, a cart can be the difference between a hospital unit that functions smoothly and efficiently and a hospital unit that is unsafe and overrun by chaos and disorganization.

There are many different types of carts and a multitude of accessories that can be added to enhance their functionality and optimize their use for a specific patient care area.
Healthcare Carts

Uses of Medical Carts in Healthcare

Carts can be used by doctors, nurses, and other health professionals during their daily professional activities. A nurse might access a medication cart to administer medications to different patients. A physician might complete their rounds with a computer cart, so they can access electronic medical records and test results at the bedside. A physiotherapist might use a similar cart when they are documenting physio exercises they have completed with a patient.

Of course, carts have many uses outside of the hospital setting as well. Healthcare carts have found use in family medical practices, outpatient surgery centers, immunization clinics, public health centers, pharmacies, and the home health setting.

Any healthcare setting where medications are administered can make use of healthcare carts. In the same vein, these carts are of equal utility in settings where medical professionals use computers as an aid in the provision of care, for documentation, or for accessing patient records.

Even if your unit, facility, or program uses paper records and documentation, mobile carts are of considerable utility in documenting patient care and bringing medications and supplies directly to patient rooms.
Medical Carts in Healthcare

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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