Healthcare Computer Carts on Wheels

Managing your IT solution in a hospital comes with a host of extra requirements: not least safety, hygiene and the sometimes unpredictable nature of healthcare. It’s important that your communication technologies are an aid and not a hindrance to your institution.

By using healthcare computer carts on wheels, your staff can benefit from a mobile IT solution. Moving IT equipment with them, wherever they need it to be can save time wasted walking to and from computers, reduce paper waste and improve the efficiency of your hospital or clinic.

Healthcare Computer Carts

Mobile IT Operational Advantages

At Scott-Clark technology, we believe that mobile IT solutions are a great aid to medical institutions, both in care and research.

Powered carts allow for truly untethered IT, meaning staff can roam about a facility freely, accessing network systems wirelessly to stay connected without a cable. The cable-free operation is not only more convenient but it can also save time at crucial moments in patient care and presents a reduce hazard as there aren’t wires running along the floor.

By bringing IT to a patient’s bedside or a medical laboratory, it can save on hidden losses to efficiency in a healthcare environment. Staff might try to memorize figures or other information on the way to an IT station and then forget them, requiring a second trip back to the bedside or even risk a false entry that could distort results and even diagnoses. Having IT equipment right where it’s needed erases time wasted walking back and forth, along with its associated losses and risks.

Healthcare Computer Carts on Wheels

Point of Care Features

Years of experience working with clients in the healthcare sector have given our engineers the knowhow to provide excellent quality, point of care healthcare carts. It’s possible to fit carts with storage drawers, bar code wands and efficient battery swapping methods that save time, meaning more attention directed towards patients.

We use powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel to provide long-lasting, robust carts while minimizing surface plastic to avoid giving MRSA and other infectious agents places to spread and develop.

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