Healthcare Medical Carts

Healthcare applications for IT are growing, just as is the requirement for improved service and greater efficiency in hospitals and clinics. When you require a mobile IT solution for your healthcare medical carts, you need something which provides long battery-life, offers reliability and convenience and works around your schedule.

At Scott-Clark, we have the industry experience to know what doctors and other healthcare professionals need from their IT. As a result, we always strive to cater to every different circumstance, because we know many medical establishments run things their own way. However, our hi-tech healthcare medical carts can include the latest computer technology, which is efficient and reliable, along with a structure that fits comfortably in a medical environment and is easy to wheel around.

Convenient Technology for Healthcare Application

healthcare computer workstation

We provide a range of cart configurations, which are ideally suited to accommodate your establishment’s needs, whether they are to save space, improve efficiency or any other goal. The important thing is that your healthcare medical carts work for you, and allow your staff to get on with their job instead of wrestling with technology.

We provide carts with a simple keyboard and monitor, just like a static workstation. The wheels allow for easy movement, including the traversal of cable runs and other bumps in the way, helping you to move comfortably around the hospital at your convenience.

Ergonomics and Practicalities

mobile carts healthcare

Staff in hospitals and clinics might have a range of heights, so why should they have a single height for their medical carts? Our carts allow the user to easily adjust the height, adjusting for their own ergonomic requirements. This can help reduce strain and stress on the body during long shifts, improving productivity and morale.

For practical use, we provide a long-lasting battery solution, with a range of options to include hot swap-out batteries and fast-charging as required. Whatever your needs, our engineers can offer healthcare medical carts that are perfect for you.

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