High-Performance Medical Carts

The Scott-Clark Medical team specialize in designing and building high-performance medical carts. In a healthcare setting, ease of movement and quick access to essential information are key factors in ensuring a consistent level of patient care. Whatever the needs of your healthcare environment, we can provide what you are looking for.

Cutting edge power

We manufacture pioneering power supplies that can be changed quickly and easily. A

Cutting edge power

Scott-Clark hot swappable power supply has a cleverly designed pack that is easy to remove or exchange. The power supply has comfortable handles and is lightweight enough to be operated by hands of any size Our batteries use patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT), which provides an excellent alternative to older, less durable battery options. In a hospital setting, FMCPT can be used to power almost anything requiring a battery. A Scott-Clark hot swappable power supply can even be used in problematic existing carts and retrofitting.

Quality design and build

High-performance medical carts made by Scott Clark will move smoothly when they are pushed or pulled. Our carts are built with extruded aluminum and stainless steel that has been powder coated for longevity and safe use. We have designed the surfaces to be easy to clean because we understand that hygiene is a key factor in every healthcare setting. Here at Scott-Clark Medical, we have more than 20 years of experience in designing and engineering a wide range of medical carts. We work with clinicians from hospitals nationwide, testing and developing medical carts that have patient care as a priority.

Custom models

As well as a versatile range of standard models, we can custom build carts to suit your unique medical workspace. Our carts come with a choice of drawer options, giving you space for storing both larger and smaller medical items. Patented locks can secure each drawer individually. A variety of user codes can be configured for these, or proximity cards can be set up swiftly to replace manual user code entry.

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