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Hospitals that use stationery carts still lag behind because, in the modern working environment, people want to work faster to improve efficiency. Using stationery carts in hospitals is a nightmare because it’s time-consuming as such carts can’t be moved to perform mobile tasks.

When the cart’s location needs to be changed, or the cart is faulty, heavy machinery or manpower is needed to move the cart, which leads to increased operational costs for hospitals.

At Scott-Clark, we have developed hospital cart wheels designed to solve this problem.

Our hospital wheels can be attached to medical carts to give them mobility. Scott-Clark gives hospitals an opportunity to improve their productivity when they purchase our affordable and highly flexible hospital cart wheels that facilitate mobile carts for hospitals.

Why hospitals should ditch stationery carts for mobile cartshospital carts on wheels


No employer wants staff spending a significant amount of time performing inefficient tasks. Using hospital cart wheels found on Scott-Clark carts ensures that productivity in hospitals is maximized.

Hospital cart wheels enable mobile carts for hospitals to be easily moved from one point to another, performing different tasks instead of users lining up to access the cart, which improves productivity.

With high productivity, efficiency at hospitals is greatly increased as less time is wasted. Using our carts will also improve data safety as computers on wheels are highly flexible, enabling patients’ data to be entered in real time. This minimizes costly human mistakes, and hospitals are assured of data safety.

Why you should consider our offer

Scott-Clark is a pioneer in developing hospital cart wheels, and we also offer hot swap batteries for mobile carts to improve their functionality. However, we also offer medical carts for hospitals. We are a highly trusted company that works with many hospitals across America to improve their daily lives. And we can help you too.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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