Hospital Carts Help Improve Efficiency

In every healthcare environment, medical professionals work tirelessly to provide the highest levels of patient care. However, to do their jobs to the best of their ability, they need the right medical equipment.

Mobile computer carts are becoming an essential tool for many healthcare facilities, with staff reporting significant benefits for their work and their patients. While there is an upfront cost, it is a worthwhile investment for your hospital to enhance workflow and productivity and improve patient outcomes.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can provide mobile hospital carts that meet the clinical needs of your facility at any budget. As new technology becomes available, we can retrofit your carts with the latest advancements, helping you to keep your facility at the cutting edge of medical care.

Point of Care

What Features are Available with Hospital Carts?

Scott Clark Medical hospital carts are customizable to meet the needs of your facility. Some of the features available include:

  • Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) for faster and more efficient power transfers and a longer battery life
  • Non-conductive locking caster which allows you to take the cart over any floor surface without damaging sensitive electrical equipment
  • Storage drawers for medical supplies
  • Electronic locking medications drawers with integrated tracking technology
  • Height-adjustable frame
  • Wide computer monitor and keyboard tray.

What are the Benefits of Hospital Carts?

More Time at the Point of Care

Trips to the pharmacy to get patient prescriptions filled, visits to a central computer bank to read patient notes, and trips to an administrative area to retrieve files are becoming outdated practices.

By taking a medical computer to the point of care to read and record patient records at the bedside, physicians and nurses can have the most up to date electronic health records at their fingertips and spend more time with their patients increasing patient satisfaction.

Simpler Interdepartmental Communication

Diagnostic testing, imaging, and other information needed from other hospital departments can now be uploaded instantaneously, so new information is instantly available to the attending physician even while they are with the patient.

This feature can have enormous positive consequences for a patient’s treatment plan, allowing the physician to make decisions based on the new information, and enabling them to begin a course of treatment at that time.

Better Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is an important part of providing the standard of care that many patients expect when receiving treatment while in your hospital. Hospital carts allow medical staff to improve patient interactions by consulting with them while they have the latest results.

Medical staff also have access to the necessary medical equipment on the cart while they are on their daily rounds. Nurses can use the onboard vital signs monitoring equipment to take readings and use the retractable keyboard and LCD monitor to update the patient’s records immediately.

Secure and Transparent Medication Administration

When using a hospital cart, physicians have access to medications in securely locked drawers, enabling them to prescribe medicine and then give it to the patient at the time of attendance which drastically cuts down on journeys to a central pharmacy.

Medication carts also carry electronic monitoring systems that keep an accurate inventory of the medical supply within the medication cabinets. These intelligent systems record when a physician removes a medicine from the cart, including the time, date, and which patient received the drug. This feature saves precious minutes as they do not need to update records manually. Long term, this could save countless hours and make a considerable contribution to improving your facility’s bottom line and minimize dosing errors.

Improve Emergency Response Times

It’s not only during routine hospital ward rounds where mobile transfer carts can help improve staff efficiency. One of the most critical times in a hospital is when there is an emergency, such as a patient suffering a cardiac arrest, or needing immediate surgery. As these are time-sensitive situations, where delays could lower patient survival rates, or make it more difficult for patients to recover, having the necessary equipment easily accessible is essential.

Hospital carts are designed so specialists in each ward can configure the unit to suit their specific requirements. In a cardiac department, crash carts carry equipment that would not be necessary for a general ward, and medics need instant access to those medical devices as soon as a patient is in danger.

By placing mobile crash carts at the end of a cardiac ward, specialists can take it with them as they rush to the patient’s bedside. As they now have all the required equipment, they can potentially carry out life-saving treatment more quickly.

If medics need to transfer a patient to an operating theatre, then having fully-stocked anesthesia carts is crucial. Medical staff can specify precisely what devices and medicines they need to keep on their isolation carts, potentially improving patient outcomes as their physicians can begin treatment as soon as they reach the bedside.

In emergencies, organization is crucial, and staff can easily label drawers to show the items they contain. By following a regular schedule of checking and restocking the drawers at the end of each shift and after each use, staff can ensure the drawers always contain the medicines and medical devices they could require when treating the next patient.

Choose Scott Clark Medical for Reliable Hospital Carts

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can provide mobile hospital carts that can improve staff efficiency, raise standards of patient care, and benefit your facility’s bottom line. We can customize the carts to match the needs and specialties of your facility.

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