Essential Hospital Computer Cart Accessories

Mobile computer carts are transforming the way medical staff provide treatment to their patients. Whether on a general in-patient ward or in specialist care units, mobile carts can bring an array of benefits that regular static units do not offer.

While many clinical facilities use their mobile laptop carts for one specific purpose, such as a crash cart in a cardiac ward, it is common practice for hospitals to use their carts for a variety of purposes.

For maximum efficiency and productivity in your medical facility, use a cart you can configure to meet your particular needs across a range of hospital departments. At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer a large selection of mobile hospital cart accessories enabling customization with specialist equipment, in a variety of configurations.

Hospital Computer Cart Accessories

Safety and Security Accessories

The priority in any clinical setting is to ensure staff and patients are safe. Although employees taking mobile computing workstations with them on their rounds can bring significant benefits in terms of efficiency, response times, and patient satisfaction, it also introduces risks due to the sensitivity of some equipment and medicines.

Fortunately, secure locking drawers on the cart can store items such as sharps and medicines, keeping them safe from unauthorized personnel. You can also equip your powered cart with biometrically locking drawers that only grant access to staff who are carrying the appropriately encoded keycard. Proximity scanners deny access if this encoded card is not within a defined preset distance, ensuring sensitive materials are secure.

A barcode scanner that reads a patient’s wristband prior to giving medications, which can prevent medication errors. A sharps container attachment ensures that used needles or scalpel blades do not injure nurses.

For general use, you can also attach baskets to each side of your cart to carry personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, gowns, masks, and visors. After attending the point of care, staff can dispose of the materials in anti-microbial containers, which ensures minimal risk of contamination to other surfaces or patients.

Electronic Device Accessories

For your electronic equipment, choose a work surface that is large enough to accommodate one or two screens, depending on your needs. You can have a monitor mount on your mobile cart for visiting patients, and use the convenient height adjustment feature to raise the screen to a comfortable viewing level to maintain correct posture.

To share patient information on the screen, lower the monitor to the height of the bed, and use the retractable keyboard tray to look up information on the wi-fi enabled laptop. At the end of a shift, you can reduce the amount of space the unit takes up by using a wall mount attachment to put the screen up high and keep it safe from damage.

This feature is also excellent for staff who are giving a presentation to their colleagues as they can display the information while in a staff room, before reattaching it to the mobile laptop cart for their rounds.

Infection Control Accessories

Although mobile carts already help to reduce the risk of infection transference, they also come with several features that minimize these risks.

Use the left side or the right side of the cart to keep disinfectant materials such as wipes and sprays. Before treating a patient, and after each visit to the point of care, staff can use these materials to wipe down the cart.

After they have followed the procedure to sterilize the unit, they can use sealed containers that keep any bacteria away from other people and surfaces.

Add a resistant powder coat to the steel or aluminum frame, to reduce the likelihood of bacteria attaching to the surface of your cart to reduce the risks for your staff and patients.

Retrofitting Capability

Mobile medical carts need to keep pace with the fast-moving world of technology to ensure medical staff work with the latest advancements. However, this does not mean you need to replace your whole cart when new technology is available.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can retrofit your existing cart with the latest accessories, ensuring that while your staff still have great tools, that you can keep your costs to a minimum.

Should an improved computer layout or new conductive casters become available, then we can replace only those items, while the rest of your cart stays the same.

Build Custom Hospital Carts with Scott-Clark Medical

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