Hospital Computer Carts and Mounts

Traditionally, nurses and other hospital staff have relied heavily on nurses’ stations and other central locations for storage and computer use. This required frequent movement back and forth for nurses and physicians, which was inefficient and physically draining.

Hospital computer carts have changed the way medical services are delivered. Having computers conveniently located and portable increases productivity and creates a more streamlined and personal patient experience.

Hospital computer carts and mounts can store medications, tools, equipment, and medical records and be moved with ease anywhere in the facility.

Basic Computer Cart Features

Our hospital computer carts are made from stainless steel and aluminum parts to construct a frame that’s strong enough for everyday use, but light enough for staff to push or pull around. We powdercoat our metal for a surface that’s durable and easy to sanitize.

Height adjustable carts are critical for staff comfort and ergonomics. Using a computer screen that’s too high or low can cause neck strain, profoundly affecting employee morale over time. Our carts are available with Easy Lift manual height adjustment or electric motors for lifting and lowering monitors and work surfaces.

hospital mobile computer carts

Replacing Traditional Systems

Many hospitals have at least some physical records stored in special rooms and at nurses’ stations. It’s common to have row after row of shelves dedicated to holding patient files.

Most hospitals have made a partial transition to electronic records. However, completely eliminating paper records requires the adoption of mobile computer carts.

Requiring nurses and physicians to hand-write notes and then input them later can lead to errors and omissions. Allowing each staff member to use a mobile computing station is optimal for accurate and fast record-keeping.

The Importance of Customization

While it is convenient to purchase a fully-assembled stock hospital computer cart, the benefits of buying a custom option are numerous. Each ward of every hospital has different needs and staff preferences, so hospital administrators should be mindful of these considerations when procuring carts.

The layout and size of different hospital wards impact how much your staff rely on carts. Most busy urban hospitals need as much mobile medical storage as possible to keep team members on-pace and meeting patient needs.

We have customization options including buckets, scanner mounts, monitor mounts, keyboard trays, and much more. Even power sources like batteries and wall cords are easy to customize. Since our carts all use a common frame design, it’s possible to combine a variety of accessories.

Adding Medication Drawers

Computers aren’t just for patient records and images. Computer-connected electronic locking drawers are a considerable asset for busy hospitals because they secure and manage medications while still making it easy for nurses to do their job. Nurses can use a password, ID card, or scanner barcode to access authorized drawers.

Electronic locking drawers may also reduce medication errors by preventing nurses from opening the wrong drawers during bedside visits. This could potentially save patient lives and prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars in malpractice lawsuits.

Medication theft can be a problem, especially in wards that have a high number of painkillers or anxiety medications on the floor. Keeping proper inventory of drugs can be difficult, so hospitals should take advantage of technology to maintain an accurate count.

We also offer key-locking medication drawers, which are ideal for medications that aren’t at high risk of theft or abuse. However, if you’re already using a battery powered cart for computer usage, adding electronic medication drawers is simple.

Casters and Mobility

Having a computer cart on wheels only works well if the wheels are easy to move smoothly. Our casters are specially designed to be durable enough for long-term heavy use, but we also make them easy to turn and push forward.

The push handles on our medical computer carts are comfortable to use and maintain cart stability. Even top-heavy computer carts can move around your facility safely thanks to our careful engineering. We offer two kinds of bases, Lite and Large, to ensure your cart is well-balanced.

Optimizing Battery Life

Scott-Clark Medical offers multiple power supply options to add to the versatility of each cart. Our best batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can power computer carts for a full shift at a time, and can even be swapped out without interrupting power to the computer.

Our Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) includes screens to show each battery’s power level and overall status. This system is at the cutting edge of battery technology, yet is lightweight enough to still be manageable for medical facility staff. The controls and displays are also easy for staff to use with minimal training or assistance.

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The Future of Medical Care

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can build computing workstations to take up only a small footprint, as well as have a sleek appearance with clearly identifiable components to make carts for different purposes easily distinguishable from one another. With this technology, you can keep your staff working as efficiently and comfortably as possible for an entire shift.
We understand the importance of investing in hospital computer carts that last. We’re proud to back our frames and batteries with a 5-year limited warranty.

We can customize our carts to meet a huge range of medication, computing, and general supply needs for large and small facilities alike. Your order can contain a variety of carts carefully tailored to meet staff preferences as well.

We’ll take the time to walk you through our cart solutions for computer equipment, medication storage and delivery, and more. Learn more about the Scott-Clark medical cart lineup by contacting us today at (512) 756-7300.

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