Hospital Storage Carts

There is a range of hospital storage carts for sale to suit every need in the fast-paced, hectic environment of a hospital. We appreciate that efficiency and organization is key to delivering vital treatment to patients. A good storage system can ensure that medical equipment is easily accessible and cut down on needless usage of valuable space. Scott-Clark Medical stock a range of carts to fulfill the needs of the hospital environment.

Hospital Storage Carts

Why our carts are a step above the rest

Scott-Clark Medical hospital storage carts can be adapted to fulfill a variety of functions. They are fully equipped with wheels for easy movement throughout the workplace and can have drawers fitted according to storage needs. Rather than a standard “one size fits all” approach, we believe that hospitals require more versatile storage systems that are compact and transportable. Some options will accommodate different weight capacities and aid in the management of medical supplies and equipment. Many conventional carts do not offer this range of possibility and specificity. We take into account the dynamic workspace that needs to streamline every operation to maximum efficiency.

Configure your storage carts to a range of requirements

The carts can be adjusted to many specifications. We fit storage carts with compartments to hold sterile medical supplies, medication dispensary compartments and separate drawers for disposal of medical waste that needs to be treated with care. Furthermore, storage cart systems are capable of supporting power plugs, hospital devices, and other technology systems. The height can be adjustable to increase ergonomic benefits for hospital staff.

Storage Carts

Our compact carts won’t clog the hallways or lead to lost time. The carts offer to quality storage systems that integrate seamlessly into the workspace and can keep medical supplies neatly and safely organized. They are sturdy and built to last under pressure. Our staff is happy to help tailor the product to the individual needs of any hospital or clinic setting. Learn more about the Scott-Clark medical carts.

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