Hot Swap Mobile Cart Batteries

Medical monitor cart

Hot-swap mobile cart batteries are a revolutionary move in the hospital mobile computer cart industry. In the past, to change the power supply on devices and medical carts everything would need to be shut down first. Clinicians would have to save information before shutting down, and if they just ran out of power, they could risk losing information entirely. This process was inefficient at best.

The beauty of the hot swap mobile cart batteries is that they can be swapped out while equipment is up and running, in any place and at any time. There are two batteries on each cart, allowing for one battery to be in operation and the other to be charging at all times. When one battery is swapped for another, the old battery then starts to recharge.

There are numerous benefits to this technology, but mainly efficiency. Clinicians can continue with patients seamlessly without having to worry about computer technicians taking the cart to replace a battery. Due to the hot swap mobile cart batteries, there is no need to worry about lost information or increased wait times for patients.

In addition to efficiency, the hot swap battery allows for greater usability since the carts do not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet; this is also convenient in the event of a power outage. Also, these high-quality batteries eliminate the safety risk that may come from using off brands which are a potential fire hazard.

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Every business is interested in saving costs any way they can. The longer life of the hot swap mobile cart batteries means there is less cost in the long term, both financial and time.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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