Hot Swap Power Supply

Any busy medical office runs the risk of their power supply running out. Having a long-lasting power source is vital to run your equipment and provide vital care to your patients.

A hot swap power supply is vital to busy healthcare facilities. No more worry about equipment failing during a critical test or while entering important patient data.

Being able to provide continuing, seamless care is vital to ensure your patients get the very best care possible.

Hot Swap Power

Why A Hot Swap?

A hot swap power supply is beneficial to your practice for several reasons. You don’t have to worry about the mobility of your cart, because you don’t have to plug into an outlet or stationary power source. Because these batteries don’t require a steady source of electricity, they ensure your equipment works even during a power outage.

Clinicians don’t have to save their progress before switching out the battery with a hot swap, which reduces the risk of losing patient information due to equipment failure.

How Does it Work?

Your hot swap setup comes with two batteries on each cart, one that’s charging, and one that’s powering equipment.

When it’s time for the swap, the backup battery continues to power your equipment while you swap out the dead battery with a fully charged replacement.

With a hot swap battery system powering your equipment, your patients can expect shorter patient wait times and more seamless, higher quality care.

Hot Swap Power Supply

Who Are We?

At Scott-Clark, we specialize in mobile carts and power sources for the medical world. With our now patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System (IEC60601-1), we aim to be the industry leader and your go-to source for quality and innovative mobile cart technology. Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical Team can do for you and contact us today.

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