Hot Swappable Power Supply

It is essential in a healthcare environment to have a completely dependable and continuous source of power. A Scott-Clark hot-swappable power supply can be safely removed and inserted into an essential item such as a computer cart without shutting down the cart’s computer. With a hot-swappable power supply, the service you provide can continue without interruption.

Increased efficiency

The ability to run mobile carts non-stop has significant benefits. Most medical carts cannot run for a full shift on a single battery. Having a hot-swappable power supply in your workplace means that when an important piece of equipment is running low on power, your workflow is not disturbed.

Additionally, the medical staff is not distracted by watching and waiting for a new battery to be charged. This means that a greater amount of time can be committed to the needs of

Swappable Power Supply

your patients.

Ease of use

We manufacture pioneering power supplies that can be changed quickly and easily. A Scott-Clark hot-swappable power supply has a neat and cleverly designed pack that allows for rapid removal and exchange. The power supply has comfortable handles and is lightweight enough to be operated by hands of any size.

We have made the process of changing our power supply simple enough that any of your medical staff can carry this out. When a battery change is required, it can happen effortlessly.

Power Supply

Our hot-swappable power supply uses patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) and provides an excellent alternative to older, less durable battery options. In a hospital setting, FMCPT can be used to power almost anything that needs a battery. A Scott-Clark hot-swappable power supply can even be used in problematic existing carts and retrofitting.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System. Contact us today by calling or filling out our convenient online form.

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