Industrial Laptop Cart

Many office managers prefer laptops to stationary PCs because they are easy to transport. Laptops are cost-effective, and many models have the same features as a standard stationary computer setup.

Consider an industrial laptop cart if you want to maximize efficiency in your warehouse or industrial plant. These carts are an affordable solution to help improve workflow, customer service, and operational efficiency. At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer customized industrial carts.

History of Laptop Carts

The healthcare industry was one of the first to permit healthcare staff to use mobile carts. Instead of a traditional desktop computer, computer or laptop carts for healthcare workers quickly became a common sight in hospitals and clinics.

Bringing a laptop with you to a patient’s bedside allowed quicker access to medical records and improved the efficiency of taking notes, ordering medicines or other items, and even invoicing. Other industries followed suit by adapting mobile carts for transporting laptop computers around workplace facilities.

Industrial Laptop Carts vs. Medical Laptop Carts

The product details of an industrial laptop cart or mobile workstation differ slightly from a standard medical computer cart. However, they do feature the same or similar mobile computing requirements.

While a laptop cart is smaller than a standard mobile computer cart, it must have adequate table space. Administrators in industrial warehouses need a work surface to write notes or place objects in addition to the laptop.

The complete workstation should be maneuverable with quality wheels and brakes to ensure stability. Your cart should be durable. Some poorly-made laptop carts tend to break easily or do not keep the laptop securely in place during transit.

Medical carts also come with a battery hook-up or cord management system to help you keep your equipment charged and running. This type of layout, while not always necessary for an industrial laptop cart, is convenient and improves the mobility of your cart.

Additional Features to Consider

There are specific questions you should ask yourself before finalizing your purchase of an industrial laptop:

  • Is it lightweight?
  • Can you make a height adjustment easily?
  • What are your power requirements?
  • Do you need an alternate power source, such as a built-in backup battery?
  • Does it have power cord access holes?
  • Do you also need equipment shelves built into the cart?
  • Does the cart have locking wheels?
  • Do you need a locking drawer?

Remember to consider things like product weight, need for power strips depending on ancillary electrical equipment the cart could carry, a bracket for power strips, cable management, and other product details related to how you intend to use the laptop cart.

Choosing the Right Setup

You can customize your laptop cart to meet your needs. An industrial design suited to your warehouse or office needs may require certain additions not found on the off-the-shelf choices.

Scott-Clark Medical can help you choose the right advanced cart that meets all your requirements. We can customize your cart to include additions that improve the efficiency of your warehouse, distribution center, or office operations.

An industrial laptop cart is a worthwhile investment in the longevity and prosperity of your business. Not every setup is ideal for every situation, so it is vital to have customizable options to help meet your individual needs.

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