Industrial Mobile Computer Workstation

Modern storage, manufacturing and production facilities increasingly use IT in processes to monitor efficiency, track stock and often control operations. Keeping a hold on industrial operations will often require the use of an IT solution.

At Scott-Clark, we can custom-make an industrial mobile computer workstation design for use in your business. If required, our engineers can present different wheel options to improve the traversal of rough services or widen the base for extra rigidity.

computer workstation mobile

We can install a range of computer hardware, software and storage options to fit seamlessly into your business.

Mobile Computer Workstation in Industry

Our efficient industrial mobile computer workstations are a helpful tool in a number of different industrial scenarios. With the latest wireless communications technology, we can keep your workstation connected to your networks throughout a warehouse, so you’re always able to interact with network systems. This is a big advantage when you’re at one end of a large industrial facility and need to complete an IT task, which might normally necessitate traveling to a fixed IT point a long way away.

We also understand the risks and hazards in industrial environments, so we can offer more rigid wheels, braking and locking systems to hold your cart in place and additional protection as required.

Useful Options

We know that industrial workplaces might need to stay open late into the night, to fit around transportation and other needs, accommodating delivery and shipping. To that end, we offer excellent battery options to keep your carts running around the clock, swapping out batteries as required or rotating carts while one recharges.

Mobile Computer Workstation

Additionally, our mobile carts can help reduce strain by allowing for easy-to-use height adjustment, which means different personnel can make use of a single cart. This can prevent injury as a result of repeated reaching or stooping from an inconveniently pitched workstation.

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