Industrial Storage Carts on Wheels

Industrial storage can mean a lot of things: storing parts or materials for stacking, holding goods for sale, storing items for manufacture and more. Making use of industrial storage carts on wheels, it’s possible to develop flexible processes in a warehouse or manufacturing environment.

At Scott-Clark, we have decades of experience making carts to fine specifications for medical and industrial use. Industrial storage might require certain materials to be kept away from oxygen or light – perhaps a chemical requires temperature conditions or additional safety features. Whatever your industrial storage requirements are, our team of engineers will look for a solution that works for your needs and fits to the requirements of your business.

Industrial Storage Carts

Industrial Storage Factors

While medical carts typically run on smooth surfaces and hold small vials, industrial use can necessitate a more robust solution. That’s why we have specific designs and materials suited for storage environments.

We can provide heavy storage carts to hold larger items and allow for additional safety features that help prevent excessive spilling or dripping of liquids. Our industrial carts also have larger wheels with greater tolerance for bumpy concrete floors and cable runs. Our goal is to satisfy your needs, so give us the relevant details and we’ll present suitable options.

Modern Industry and Safety Requirements

In the 21st Century, warehouses and other industrial environments have modernized to fit with the times and adapt to the efficiencies that computer software and hardware bring. To that end, we can provide carts that are suited for holding IT equipment to help manage the contents of storage carts and keep your staff connected anywhere in the facility.

Industrial Storage Carts on Wheels

We also know that unique safety factors exist in industry and manufacturing environments. Our team of engineers has years of experience making sturdy, reliable carts that don’t easily topple and brakes that won’t give in to accidental pressure. This can help improve the efficiency of your workplace while fulfilling crucial health and safety requirements.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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